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Jan 16, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor—Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide

Roberto Galea, David Cassar
Objectives: The aims and objectives of this systematic review are to inves-tigate the different theories underlining major depression and suicide while exploring the correlation between BDNF, major depression and suicide. Method: Literature was researched through the University of Malta research platform and statistical reports published by the Maltese National Statistics Office, Eurostat and World Health Org

Jun 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Epidemiological Aspects of Malaria in Pregnant Women: Prevalence and Risk Factors in Mwene Ditu, DR Congo

Musasa Kasongo Jean-Claude, Mwarabu Much'apa Bienfait, Ilunga Kandolo Simon, Kakoma Sakatolo Zambeze Jean-Baptiste
Introduction: Malaria in pregnancy induces significant risks for the mother and the foetus. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of malaria and the risk factors among pregnant women in the Health District of Mwene Ditu in DR Congo. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study based on household survey was carried out in June 2016 in the Health District of Mwene Ditu. The calculated sampl

Jun 19, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Why the Endemoepidemicity Persistence of Cholera in Moba (DR. of Congo)? Preliminary Study in the Health Area of Regeza in 2016

BukasaHéman Kabemba, AugustinMpo Ntambwe, SébastienKashimpo Yamutalua, KazadiNtita Prince, Gaston Alimasi Yuma, NgoyiNyongonyi Micheline, PaulinKabamba Lupueka, ElyséeNgama Ngoyi, Ramazani Selemani, KaimbaManda Martine, MapengoMbwili Jean Pierre
Background: Cholera is a very old endemo-epidemic disease linked to the con-ditions of defective hygiene. It is a public health problem, mainly in Africa and Asia. Aim: The purpose of this preliminary study was to determine the level of knowledge of the population in relation to the factors favoring the endemicity and epidemicity of cholera among the exposed populations. Methods: This is a prospective, descriptive cross-sectional

May 17, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Recurrence of Cholera in the City of Lubumbashi: Investigation of Risk Factors for an Effective Response and Health Education Perspective

Kabyla Ilunga Benjamin, Ilunga Kandolo Simon, Nora Luvungu, Basema Marie France, Kavira Lughuma Gladys, Mulang Irung Raphael, Mukonkole Justin, Kimba Mukanya Pascal, Matungulu Matungulu Charles, Mashini Ngongo Ghislain
Introduction: Cholera is one of the so-called dirty hand diseases. Its effective response saves lives. The city of Lubumbashi has recorded at least one cholera epidemic for almost ten years, each of which generates significant socio-economic costs. Method: We conducted a case-control study on cholera in the city of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 330 individuals, including 11

Mar 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Factors Associated with Acquired Infections Caesarian Wounds in Maternity Mbuji-Mayi/DR Congo

Jean Christophe Bukasa, Augustin Kadiata, Andre Guillaume Kabongo, Didier Lepelletier, Decas Blood Banza, Jean Jacques Bukasa, Félicien Ilunga, Andre Mutombo, Senghor Ngoyi Mbo, Angelique Bandimuna, Sébatien Kashimpo, Alexis Ntambwe, Stany Wembonyama
Introduction: The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors associated with nosocomial infections of caesarean section wounds in the maternity hospitals of the city of Mbuji-Mayi. Methods: This study was conducted in 25 maternities of general referral hosp

Dec 21, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Rates and Risk Factors in Macrosomic Newborns among Non-Diabetic Parturients at Tiznit City, Morocco: A Case-Control Study

Amal Korrida
Background: The present study was elaborated to assess the prevalence of high birth weight and its related risk factors for macrosomic infants among women in Southern Morocco. Methods: A case-control study was conducted on term singleton live-births, with no morbidity or malformation, of a sample of (n = 78) nulliparous and multiparous non-diabetic women deliver

Dec 07, 2017Open    AccessArticle

A Case Crossover Analysis of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Particulate Matter Air Pollution: Investigation of Specific Subgroups

Marie Albert, Mohamed Lemdani, Damien Cuny, Patrick Duriez, Joséphine Escutnaire, Pierre-Yves Gueugniaud, Eric Wiel, Hervé Hubert, Christophe Di Pompeo
There is increasing evidence of association between particulate matter air pollution and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. However, the association with the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) event is less clear. We investigated the effects of short-term particulate matter exposure on OHCA especially among specific subgroups. The study included OHCA tha

Mar 06, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Genital Infection by Gardnerella vaginalis and Candida spp. among Women in Nova Iguacu City, Rio de Janeiro Province, Brazil

Pedro Henrique Siqueira Lopes, Victoria Luiza Pacini, Antonio Neres Norberg
Vaginitis is the most common infectious disease diagnosed among women attended at gynecological outpatient clinics in the Primary Care Service. The aim of this research is to investigate the incidence of vaginitis caused by Gardnerella vaginalis and Candida spp. in women attended at the gyneco

Dec 22, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Survey of the Consumption of Energy Drinks and Frequency of Obesity in a Population of Academics from Casablanca

Imane M'Touguy, Nadia Iounes, Fatema Zehra Mahfoud, Marwa Chhail, Amine El Khatib, Rachid Saile, Souad El Amrani, Houriya Mestaghanmi
Background: An energy drinks supposed to give a boost of energy to the consumer. It usually contains caffeine and lot of sugar. We studied the risks associated with the consumption of these drinks, the conditions in which they are consumed and the frequency of obesity in the determination of body mass index among 195 students of the Faculty of Sciences Ben M’Sik. Methods: This is a survey conducted by students of the Ben M’sik Fac

Dec 14, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Population Screening Contribution in the Management of Hypertension in Koudougou

Jonas Koudougou Kologo, Aristide Relwendé Yaméogo, Boukary Ouedraogo, André Arthur Seghda, Joel Bamouni, Germain D. Mandi, Georges R. C. Millogo, Patrice Zabsonre
Hypertension, chronic and silent disease, is a public health problem. The objective of this survey was to assess the prevalence of hypertension in population in the city of Koudougou. This deals with a population survey held in one day consisting of controlling blood pressure and glycaemia among patients having values above the normal ones. All volunteering patients were included in the study. We screened 497 patients during the s