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Oct 16, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Evaluation of Trace Metals in Groundwater of Ekondo-Titi and Environs, Onshore Rio Del Rey, Cameroun

Richard Ayuk II Akoachere, Takahiro Hosono, Thomson Areakpoh Eyong, Marcelle-Carole Pami Ngassam, Raymond Ndip Nkongho, Simon Oko Okpara, Tom Tabi Oben
Barium is the most enriched element in the study area; this could be attributed to agricultural fertilizers. Igeo values indicate groundwater is no pollution to moderately pollution risk from Li, V, Cr, Co, As, Cd, Pb while groundwater has a strong pollution risk from Ba and extreme pollution risk from Mn, Sr, Fe and Zn, though the concentrations of the trace metals are below WHO guidelines. Thus, from the health hazard indices and pollution risk indices on trace metals, the groundwater in Ekond...

Sep 29, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Statistical Variation of Physico-Chemical Properties of Shallow Wells Used for Agricultural Activities in an Agrarian Community, North Central Nigeria

John Jiya Musa, Martins Yusuf Otache, Elijah TsadoMusa, Michael Eneojo Omale, Ibrahim Ibrahim Yahuza Yerima
Water quality is gradually falling due to human activities, thus making clean water for both domestic and agricultural activities scarce. Population growth is expected to directly or indirectly move up from its current status by about 55%, thus increasing water stress or severe water scarcity over the next generation. This study is aimed at statistically ascertaining and determining the physico-chemical properties of some h

Sep 24, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Hydro-Climatic Variability and Human Activities Impact on the Morphology of the Cavally River Bed, Western Cote d’Ivoire

Brou Loukou Alexis, Kouassi Kouakou Lazare, Yao Affoué Berthe, Kouadio Zilé Alex, Konan Kouakou Séraphin, Konan Koffi Félix, Kamagate Bamory, Koné Diakaria
The Cavally watershed is covered by a large forest area, where for decades there has been intense agricultural and mining activity (modern and traditional). Anthropogenic pressures and hydro climatic variability can significantly alter the hydrological response of the Cavally River watershed. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of hydro climatic variability and land-use dynamics on the availability of water resourc

Sep 19, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Groundwater Biological Quality in Abuja FCT: Myths and Realities of Point and Non-Point Pollution of Fractured Rock Aquifers

Richard Ayuk II Akoachere, Areakpoh Thomson Eyong, Marcelle-Carole Pami Ngassam, Jane-Francis Kihla Akoachere, Simon Oko Okpara, Omogbemi Omoloju Yaya, Felix Akumcha Mbaabe
The quality of groundwater is three fold: physical, chemical and biological. For water to be fit for human consumption, it must have satisfied all three quality aspects. Therefore, the groundwater biological quality of Abuja FCT can never be over emphasized since the wellbeing of the citizens of the capital territory, seat of the government of Nigeria, is of strategic importance. There are myths and realities about the biological

Sep 18, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Spatial Distribution and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Pearl River Networks, South China

Jiangang Zhao, Wenping Xie, Qiyuan Zhang, Senhua He, Yingjun Qin, Shangru Lu, Shuheng Zhang, Changpeng Ye
Sediment samples collected from 21 sites of the Pearl River networks were investigated by the sequential extraction method. Multiple environmental indices were adopted to evaluate the present and potential risks. Results indicated that concentrations of Cu, Zn, As, Cd, and Pb in most of the sedi-ments were substantially higher than their background values, and the primary sources of the contam

Aug 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Hydrogeology of Abuja FCT-Nigeria: A GIS Evaluation

Richard Ayuk II Akoachere, Omogbemi Omoloju Yaya, Areakpoh Thomson Eyong, Elizabeth Orock Ayuk, Ebot Sonia Egbe
Groundwater has been recognized as playing a very important role in the development of Abuja FCT Nigeria’s capital, as many private and government establishments depend solely on wells for their water needs. Exploitation of groundwater is delicate due to its potency to contamination and difficulty to remediate aquifers. This study is to evaluate the input of the rock formations to the groundwater solute chemistry and groundwater d

Jun 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Mobilization of Water Cycle and Its Persian Air Wheel Heat Pump to Overcome Global Heating and Its Resulting Terrible Environmental Problems

Malik Muhammad Nazeer
The earth Globe and its all living inhabitants, are under extremely sever and perishing multipronged attack from the Global Heating and its team, the Greenhouse Gasses (GHG), Environmental Pollution, and Stratospheric Ozone Layer Depletion and hence Penetration of Solar Ultraviolet Radiations. The major and mother of the gang of all these dragons is Global Heating. This is mainly rising up due to continuously increasing heat input

May 22, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Utilization of Water Quality Modeling and Dissolved Oxygen Control in River Tungabhadra, Karnataka (India)

S. Ranjith, Anand V. Shivapur, P. Shiva Keshava Kumar, Chandrashekarayya G. Hiremath, Santhosh Dhungana
In an attempt to produce a reliable source of water, the water quality model—QUAL2Kw—was put to through calibration and validation tests. This model was implemented in the river Tungabhadra of India. This worked quite well for the project at hand but showed certain irregularities. Different Quality Management methods exist currently and for this project, their impact in DO concentrations were examined base

Apr 30, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Hydrochemistry and Groundwater Quality Assessment in Mafraq Province, Jordan

Ali Obeidat, Mahmoud Alawneh
The acceptable water quality standard varies based on the intended use of water. Therefore, the standard will be dramatically decreased while moving from Drinking, domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. Water quality modeling software Aquachem and ArcGIS10.3 were used to analyze data sets of 12 samples from four different wells located around the Mafraq area in order to investigate its suitability for drinking. The result

Apr 30, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Trace Metals in Groundwater of the South Eastern Piedmont Region of Mount Cameroon: Quantification and Health Risk Assessment

Richard Ayuk Akoachere, Edwin Ngwene Etone, Roy Lyonga Mbua, Marcelle Pami Ngassam, Simon Ngomba Longonje, Pius Mbu Oben, Regina Wotany Engome
The South Eastern Piedmont Region of Mount Cameroon is getting in-creasingly populated. Groundwater is the main resource for drinking in this area; hence, the quantification of trace metals, suitability and quality of the groundwater resources for drinking, domestic and agro-industrial uses is of public and scientific concern. In this study, 10 samples were collected from 10 sites in September 2017. Field measurement of physicoche