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Dec 03, 2019Open    AccessArticle

A Common Database for Clients and Its Effect on Loan Default in Microfinance Bank Operations: An Outlook of Microfinance Banks in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Shuaib Jalal-Eddeen, Muawiya Saleh, Fadimatu Jalal-Eddeen
Background: In their quest to address poverty and uneven income and wealth distribution often attributed to low economic growth performance and low labour returns amongst others, the governments of the developing countries through their respective central banks came up with the micro-finance policies. In Nigeria, the central bank came up with a policy in 2004, which aims to give micro, small and medium enterprises access to inform

Oct 30, 2019Open    AccessArticle

EPQ Inventory Model for Deteriorating Raw Materials with Two-Level Trade Credit and Limited Storage Capacity under Alternate Due Date of Payment

Ghi-Feng Yen, Shy-Der Lin, An-Kuo Lee
Economic production quantity (EPQ) research has typically focused on the cost of production processes, but has not employed accurate calculation to assess factors influencing ordering costs, because one of their assumptions is the raw materials that are product timely. However, the production and transport process of raw materials are influencing factors and increase the holding cost of raw materials, either by incre

Oct 29, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Optimal Economic Production Quantity Policies Considering the Holding Cost of Deteriorating Raw Materials under Two-Level Trade Credit and Limited Storage Capacity

Ghi-Feng Yen, Shy-Der Lin, An-Kuo Lee
The traditional economic production quantity (EPQ) model assumes that raw materials are supplied timely. But during the production and transport process of raw materials could change the holding cost of raw materials, therefore, they should be considered in the total relevant cost. [1] combined [2]’s concept of holding cost of raw materials and [3]’s two-level trade credit and limited storage capacity model to

Oct 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Merger and Acquisition Patterns and Trends: An Evidence of an Emerging Economy, Turkey 2014-2018

Waleed M. Alhanhanah, Murat Akbalik, Abisola Leah Akosile
This study aims to provide contemporary and comparative analysis on mergers and acquisitions (M & As) activities that Turkish companies are involved between 2014-2018, by analyzing trends in deal number, deal volume activity and characteristics, and an attempt to explore the challenges, issues and implications opposing companies in M & As in Turkey. The study follows a qualitative method for data collection and analysis, using sec

Oct 17, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Path of Rural Economic Transformation under the Background of Urbanization: A Case Study of Mucun Town

Caixia Liu
Mu Town belongs to Liulin County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province. It is a typ-ical resource-based township economy developed by relying on coal resources. In recent years, the economic development of Liulin County is in a period of strength. According to the national rural revitalization strategy, the economic transformation of Mu villages and towns is imminent. Based on the analysis of the current economic and social development i

Aug 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

The Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Egyptian Listed Firms

Abdel Rahman Hussein, Ahmed Sakr, Alaa Abdel Barie
In the finance literature, there has been an increasing interest on what are the determinants of capital structure of firms; the determinants of capital structure of more developed economies are the main concern of the existing literature. This proposal aims to expand this literature by ascertaining the determinants of capital structure in an emerging economy like Egypt. In this research, regression analysis is used to test the re

Mar 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Study on the Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on the Optimization of Trade Structure

Xuejie Zhao
At present, China is the second largest economy in the world, which plays an important role in both foreign direct investment (OFDI) and import and export trade. Both of them are also very important to the economic development of our country. With the spread of international trade protectionism, China’s trade structure needs to be optimized to improve its competitiveness. Based on the present

Jan 30, 2019Open    AccessArticle

EPQ Policies Considering the Holding Cost of Raw Materials under Conditions of Two-Level Trade Credit and Limited Storage Capacity

Ghi-Feng Yen, Shy-Der Lin, An-Kuo Lee
The economic production quantity model is widely used as a decision making tool. However, climate change and energy supply instability have raised the transport costs of raw materials, thereby affecting production costs. Therefore, this paper presents a new model that considers the holding costs of raw materials under conditions of two-level trade credit and limited storage capacity. Four theorems are developed to characterize the

Nov 30, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Effect of Board of Directors Characteristics on Firm’s Financial Performance: An Empirical Study on the Most Active Firms in the Egyptian Stock Exchange

Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Atty, Mohamed Moustafasoliman, Amr E. Youssef
This paper seeks examining the effect of Board of Directors Characteristics on firm’s financial performance in Egypt, using a sample of 50 more active Egyp-tian companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange of the non-financial sector covering the period of three financial years from 2012 to 2017. Board of Directors Structure is represented by CEO Duality, Board Size, Board Meet-ings, Independence board members and Gender Divers

Nov 20, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Factors Influencing Credit Decision for Lending SMEs: A Case Study on National Bank of Egypt

Ekhaa Boushnak, Mohamed A. Rageb, Aiman A. Ragab, Ahmed M. Sakr
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in the global economy. It had a major part in creating jobs and as a source of social sta-bility, either there is major contribution for SMEs in Egypt as it faces great economy challenges that need cooperation from all parties. However, access to finance is still one of the greatest obstacles facing SMEs all over the world and prevents them from developing. This re


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