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Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Viscous Fluid over a Non-Linearly Stretching Sheet

Yohannes Yirga, Daniel Tesfay
In this paper, the Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Flow of Viscous Fluid over a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet is investigated numerically. The partial differential equations governing the flow are reduced to a non linear ordinary differential equations by using similarity transformations. The resulting transformed equations are numerically solved by an explicit finite difference scheme known as the Keller Box Method. The velocity profiles are determined and the effects of the magnetic parameter and non l...

Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Approximate Analysis of an M/M/1 Markovian Queue Using Unit Step Function

Dhanesh Garg
This study analyzes a single server queueing model with a time-dependent arrival rate and service rate is constant. In this model, the incoming arrivals are Poisson stream; service time is exponentially distributed and the first-come first-served queueing discipline. We obtain an explicit expression for the state probability distribution with time-dependent arrival rate using unit step function.

Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

An Incentive Scheme to Increase Female Access to and Completion of Basic Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Noel A. Ihebuzor
Policy reforms in education have considerable potential to correct social inequities and assist in the building of more inclusive societies either through improved efficiencies and/or equity in education service provision. Primary education is a public service whose consumption has huge positive externalities—social and economic benefits. In many developing countries, girls are usually excluded from the consumption of this service for a variety of reasons—some of which are social, cultural or ec...

Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor (Pindborg Tumor): A Case Report

Mehmet Cemal Akay, Ayhan Tetik, Mert Zeytinoglu
Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor (CEOT) is a rare benign odontogenic tumor that was first described by Pindborg in 1955. It accounts for less than 1% of all odontogenic neoplasms. This lesion is a locally aggressive benign odontogenic neoplasm arising from epithelial tissue. The radiographic appearance is characterized by uni- or multilocular radiolucent areas with radiopaque masses of varying sizes; there is a frequent association with an unerupted tooth. Most CEOT are intraosseous lesio...

Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Pregnancy Outcomes Following Emergency Cervical Cerclage

Augustine Ojabo, A. G. Adesiyun, S. K. Hembah-Hilekaan, A. Mohammed-Durosinlorun, Hajaratu Sulayman-Umar
Background: The pregnancy outcome following cervical cerclage for women with cervical incompetence is generally favourable. However, the outcome for emergency cerclage is less favourable. Methodology: A retrospective analysis of the case notes of pregnant women who underwent emergency cervical cerclage from January 2007 until December 2010 at Garkuwa Hospital and Sheehan Hospital was performed. Results: There were a total of 56 cases of cervical cerclage comprising 46 elective and 10 emergency c...

Oct 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Complex Number Theory without Imaginary Number (i)

Deepak Bhalchandra Gode

In this paper new method is introduced for complex numbers; this method does not include imaginary number “i” but produces the same results that occur in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division of complex numbers, also proof of Eluer Formula e and De Moivre theorem without using imaginary number “i”. Furthermore placing the light on the square root of a negative number, the square root of a negative number is equal t


Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Role of Organic Matter in the Adsorption/Desorption of Cr, Cu and Pb in Competitive Systems in Two Different Soils

Leandro Antunes Mendes, Luis Felipe Perez Bucater, Maria Diva Landgraf, Maria Olímpia Oliveira Rezende
The various methods of remediation of contaminated soils include isolation, immobilization, toxicity reduction, physical separation and extraction. In this context, a noteworthy technique is vermicomposting, which uses worms to break down recent organic matter, turning it into a chemically more stable form able to retain metal ions, rendering them unavailable to the environment. To understand the transport of these elements in the soil, it is necessary to study their dynamics in the environment....

Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Origin of Quantum Space-Time and Primordial Black Hole

Rakesh Kumar Pandey
In the present theoretical work, an attempt has been made to derive an expression for the quantum volume of discrete space and its growth rate using first rank tensorial Einstein-Gauss gravitation law, Einstein’s mass energy equivalence and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. It is found that the universe may have come into quantum existence with volume thrice the Planck’s volume within the framework of physical laws when it already had an age ~10﹣43 s provided the Planck’s time is at...

Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Stroke Assessment Scales: The Dilemma Validity or Reliability

Marco Aurelio Gralha de Caneda
The author discusses the conceptual bases related to general and clinimetric properties of stroke scales, relating them to its application in research and clinical practice. This paper briefly presents the definitions of reliability and validity and its usage in clinical studies, and didactically demonstrates statistical approaches for obtaining agreement and correlation coefficients. Finally, it proposed to criticize the most common bias in the literature on the use of these concepts and forwar...

Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Flowering and Seed Development in Onion—A Review

Khalid Mahmud Khokhar
Proper vernalization temperature of mother onion bulbs stimulates early flowering and produces a heavier yield of seed. Moreover, onion cultivars seem to differ in their optimal temperature requirements depending on the locality to which they are adapted. Most studies on the effects of storage temperature on inflorescence initiation in onion have shown that the optimum temperature for flowering is in a range between 5℃ to 13℃ for 90 to 120 days and bolting resistant varieties require a longer co...

Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Early Ophthalmological Manifestations of Crouzon Syndrome: About a Case

Nidain Maneh, Meba Banla, Nadiedjoa Kokou Douti, Komi Yayehd, Sophie Arsene, Ko-kou Vonor, Kassoula Batomaguela Nonon Saa, Koffi Didier Ayena, Komi Patrice Balo
We report the case of a major neonatal form of Crouzon syndrome of ophthalmic finding in a new- born of 21 days of age with no background of consanguinity. The clinical manifestations were marked by signs of Crouzon syndrome associated with dyspnea. The skull radiograph showed a decline of maxillary and closing sutures. The brain scan was marked by a bilateral fronto-parietal hypotrophy with agnenesis of the left temporal. She had received a lateral tarsorrhaphy in prevention to keratopathy of e...

Oct 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Territorial-Environmental Perception in Fishing Zones (Amazon Region, Brazil)

Christian Nunes da Silva, Joao Marcio Palheta da Silva, Clay Anderson Nunes Chagas
Geography was always concerned with the study of the relationship between social groups and the environment in which they interact as natural resources for their survival. This relationship was always intertwined by power determinations in the organization of forms of appropriation of natural resources, deriving different types of territorial assets. These territorial assets demonstrate a variety of actors, involved in a certain territory and materializing different actions for the appropriation...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Relationship between EFL Teachers’ Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Mashhad Language Institutions

Najmeh Noori, Mohammad Ali Fatemi, Hossein Najjari
The scarcity of research on EFL teachers’ job satisfaction and motivation prompted this study which aimed at identifying the relationship between EFL teachers’ motivation and job satisfaction. To achieve this goal, the researcher selected 250 EFL teachers randomly with different years of experience in Mashhad language institutions. To collect the required data, the researcher employed Teacher’s Motivation Questionnaire (TMQ) to elicit sources of motivation of EFL teachers and Teachers’ Job Satis...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Pediatric Anxiety Disorder after Operation for Carcinoid: A Case Report

Sevgi Buyukbese Sarsu, Burcu Belen, Ramazan Ucak
One of the most common abdominal emergency situations which requires operation is acute apendicitis. The obstruction of the lumen is the primary cause of acute appendicitis and some unusual factors such as a carcinoid tumor may be involved in the pathogenesis. This rare tumor describes a 16-year-old girl presented with an abdominal pain which had a clinical presentation that was not different compared with the usual form of appendicitis and was diagnosed via the investigation of the appendectomy...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Cutaneous Horn

Siddharth P. Dubhashi, Vivek D. Kulkarni, Adil Suleman, Ishant Rege, Harsh Kumar
A cutaneous horn (corn cutaneum) is a dense, hyperkeratotic conical projection of skin arising from an unusual cohesiveness of keratinized material. Cutaneous horns most frequently occur in sites that are exposed to actinic radiation or burns. Forearm, cartilaginous portion of the ear, legs, and hands may also be affected. Cutaneous horns can occur in sun protected areas. Histologic confirmation is necessary to rule out malignant changes. No clinical features reliably distinguish between benign ...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Official Language Choice in Ethiopia: Means of Inclusion or Exclusion?

Milkessa Midega
Official language choice in a multilingual polity is a challenging phenomenon. One of such polities, Ethiopia, took “historical accident” justifications for grant to select its official language which unequivocally disregards its own linguistic diversities. Amharic language has been arbitrarily designated as the sole official language of Ethiopia since the making of modern Ethiopia. This piece uses government documents and other literature to examine Ethiopia’s official language choice and its c...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Molecular Signature of Influenza A

Raghavendra Krishnappa, Rajendran Paramasivam
This research work provides comprehensive meaningful valuable findings from NCBI database for researches to analyze entries of H1N1 strains aiming to design genomic region-specific markers and also for screening the region-specific subtypes. Influenza A viruses are divided into subtypes, based on the nature of their surface glycoproteins, HA and NA. There are 16 different HAs and nine NAs which are distinguishable serologically, and we have sincerely dug NCBI database. We have found 7651 entries...

Oct 29, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Analysis of Preprocessing Algorithms for Space Frequency and Mathematical Morphology on Mammograms

Ramón O. Guardado-Medina, Luis E. Mendoza-Luna, Jorge A. Ortiz-Ramirez, Humberto Bracamontes del Toro, Ruben Ruelas Lepe, Gustavo Ochoa Mata
This paper presents the performance analysis of preprocessing algorithms for enhancement features on mammograms with the objective of improving future clustering processing investigations, space frequency filtering and morphologic space filtering, which are analyzed with their different techniques in regions of interest using the DDSM database. Displaying microcalcifications, which is achieved with the Gaussian high-pass filter in the space frequency and diamond filter, in morphologic space, sup...

Oct 28, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Semi-Auto-Open Portable Electric Vulcanizer (SAO-PEV): An Innovation

E. Z. Ramis
In this 3rd study—Semi-Auto-Open Portable Electric Vulcanizer (SAO-PEV) is to minimize the delayed opening of the vulcanizing head for releasing and removing the vulcanized rubber tire and to eradicate the haphazard operation after the post vulcanization process. This machine is made of steel materials with GI pipes gauge 20 with a configuration of an elongated letter “C” with a mica heating element that were attached to the vulcanizer head and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); thus,...

Oct 28, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Plant Diversity, Life Form and Phytochoria of Hamedan Alvand Region in Iran

Maryam Kolahi, Morteza Atri
This study was carried out for determination and discrimination vegetation by Eco-phytosociology method. Flora of this area was determined by using available references. Based on collection we encountered about 290 specimens that belong to 167 genera and 41 families. The largest families in the area are Asteraceae (47 genera), Poaceae (34 genera), Lamiaceae (30 genera), Caryophylaceae (18 genera) Papilonaceae (17 genera). The floristic composition of the area is strongly influenced by large numb...

Oct 28, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Carotid Body Tumour as an Unusual Cardiovascular Pathology: Report of Two Cases

Hakan Atalay, Atakan Atalay, Omer Faruk Dogan
A carotid body tumour (CBT) is a rare form of an extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma. They are commonly diagnosed as asymptomatic neck masses. A careful preoperative evaluation is required to find out the functional and vascular status of these tumours. Herein, we report two cases of carotid body paraganglioma, their evaluation and surgical management.

Oct 27, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Intimate Partner Violence during Pregnancy among Recently Delivered Women in Public Health Facilities of Hossana Town, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Tariku Laelago, Tefera Belachew, Meseret Tamrat
Background: Intimate partner violence is recognized as a worldwide serious public health problem. It can cause serious injury, disability or death. Risk factors for intimate partner violence during pregnancy are often similar to risk factors for intimate partner violence in general. Objectives: To assess the prevalence and associated factors of intimate partner violence during pregnancy among recently delivered women in public health facilities of Hossana Town, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia, 20...

Oct 27, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Application of Langmuir and Freundlich Models in Phosphate Sorption Studies in Soil of Contrasting Parent Materials in South-Eastern Nigeria

Florence Otobong Umoh, Victor Emmanuel Osodeke, Ini Dennis Edem, Gregory Sunday Effiong
This study was conducted to determine phosphorus sorption characteristics of five soils from contrasting parent materials in south-eastern Nigeria. The soils were collected from Ikom (basalt), Akamkpa (basement complex), Bende (shale), Amaeke (sand stone) and Umudike (coastal plain sand). The standard P requirements for the soils were calibrated from the sorption curves, and the values were very low ranging from 11.1 mg·kg﹣1 in Bende to 60.2 mg·kg﹣1 in Ikom. The P maximum s...

Oct 27, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Elastic Constants and Pressure Derivatives of Calcium Oxide

Krishna Murti Raju
The electrostatic and Born-Mayer repulsive potentials method was used to calculate the higher order elastic constants and pressure derivatives of alkaline-earth oxide CaO in a wide temperature range (100 - 1000 K). The calculations have been made starting from primary physical parameters viz. nearest-neighbour distance and hardness parameter assuming long- and short- range potentials. The different results of the calculations are compared with experimental data and discussed.

Oct 24, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Determination of Zoledronic Acid and Four Common Anions in Zoledronic Acid Injection by Gradient Ion Chromatography with a Self-Regeneration Suppressor

Meilan Chen, Mingli Ye
A simple method to determine zoledronic acid and impurities in drug by ion chromatography with conductivity detection was developed. Target analytes have been sufficiently separated from each other on an Ionpac AS19 by using potassium hydroxide as eluent with a self-regeneration suppressor. This novel proposed method enables direct analysis of zoledronic acid in injection sample and provides good resolution. This novel method also exhibits satisfactory precision (less than 1.68%) and accuracy (9...

Oct 24, 2014Open    AccessArticle

On Time Resonances (Explosions) in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions

V. S. Olkhovsky
The review of the results of time analysis at the range of high-energy nuclear collisions (with the bombarding-particle energies near 0.1 - 10 GeV/nucleon) is presented. It was shown that the formation of time resonances (explosions) in the decays of compound nuclei or final clots at the range of dense strongly overlapped energy resonances was possible. These time resonances rather well explain a lot of the experimental data.

Oct 24, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Integral Equation, Corresponding to the Ordinary Differential Equation

Igor Petrovich Dobrovolsky
The differential operator of the ordinary differential equation (ODE) is represented as the sum of two operators: basic and supplementing operators. The order of the higher derivatives of a basic operator and ODE operator should coincide. If the basic operator has explicit system of fundamental solutions it is possible to make integral equation Volterra of II kind. For linear equations the approximate solutions of the integral equation are system of the approximate fundamental solutions of the i...

Oct 23, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Implementation of an In-House Quantitative Real-Time PCR for Determination of HIV Viral Load in Kinshasa

Kamangu Ntambwe Erick, Chatte Adawaye, Boreux Raphael, Kalala Lunganza Richard, Mvumbi Lelo Georges, Demol Patrick, Vaira Dolores, Hayette Marie Pierre
Background: Measurement of Viral Load (VL) is the most reliable mean for evaluating virological monitoring of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. It allows determination of the amount of virus present in a given volume. Due to the constraints of costs, the VL is not often requested for patient’s follow-up in countries with limited resources. Hence the objective of this study is to implement an in-house Quantitative Real-Time PCR to assess the VL of HIV infected patients in K...

Oct 23, 2014Open    AccessArticle

FABP-2 and PPAR-γ Haplotype as Risk Factors for Dyslipidemia in a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Population of Santa Rosa del Conlara, San Luis, Argentina

Susana Siewert, María Florencia Olmos Nicotra, Irma Ines Gonzalez, Gustavo Fernandez, Marta Susana Ojeda
Introduction: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is a complex disorder caused by the interaction between genetic predisposition and environmental factors. Genetics plays an important role on lipid homeostasis. Many genes are involved in the lipid metabolism, such as FABP-2 and PPAR-γ. Aim: To evaluate the association between specific SNPs and haplotypes of the FABP-2 and PPAR-γ genes with T2DM and lipid profile in an Argentinean population. Methods: The FABP-2 (rs1799883) and PPAR-...

Oct 23, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Neurological Pain as a Result of Mouthwash Usage—A Case Report

Ali Nankali
Pain in pharynx is one of the leading complaints raised by patients with the common diagnosis pointing to: sore throat, odynophagia, pharyngitis and tonsillitis [1]. Recently, an interesting case of a 47-year-old patient (male-dentist) who claimed to have acquired a sudden sharp pain in pharynx (throat) location was observed. The absurd strength of the pain prevented the patient to even hold short-length verbal communicat...

Oct 22, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Effect of Grinding Time of Mill Scale on the Physicochemical Properties of Produced Briquettes and Its Reduction via Hydrogen

Naglaa Ahmed El-Hussiny, Hassan Hussein Abdul-Wahab, Mohamed Mahmoud Ali, Abdud-Lattif Abdel-Motagally Omar, Mohamed El-Menshawi Hussien Shalabi, Mohamed Reda Moharm
This study deals with the grinding of mill scale in a laboratory ball mill for different milling time then briquetted by using 2% molasses as a binder and investigates the effect of grinding of mill scale for different time on the physicochemical properties and the reduction degree of the mill scale briquettes via hydrogen. Diffusion process control equation was applied and the energy of activation was calculated = 28.33 kJ/mole.

Oct 22, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Trusted-CDS Based Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Sensor Network (TC-IDS)

Amin Mohajer, Mohammad Hasan Hajimobini, Abbas Mirzaei, Ehsan Noori
Security mechanism is a fundamental requirement of wireless networks in general and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in particular. The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has become a critical component of wireless sensor networks security strategy. There are several architectures for embedding IDS in WSN. Due to Energy Limitation, in this paper we use a distributed architecture which activates intrusion detection system for limited number of nodes. For this purpose we select a secure set of nodes c...

Oct 21, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Development of College of Industrial Technology Frequency Modulation Broadcast Trainer

Bernardo A. Pangilinan
A frequency modulation broadcast station trainer was developed to expose the students to the basic equipment needed in radio broadcasting. The cost of portable FM broadcast trainer is much lower than the cost of the traditional commercially available equipment because of the materials used. The FM broadcast trainer is laboratory equipment that can be used by schools offering academic programs in industrial courses specifically Electronics and Communication Technology courses. At present there is...

Oct 21, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Addicted Human Brain: An Overview of Imaging Studies and Their Treatment Implications

Marc Fakhoury
Addiction is characterized by loss of control over substance use, often operationally defined as continued use of substances despite knowledge of adverse consequences. The exact cause of addiction is not known, but it’s hypothesized that both environmental and genetic factors play a crucial role in the predisposition of this disease. When an individual abruptly stops using a drug or an addictive substance, withdrawal symptoms often take place, which include vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and...

Oct 20, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Comparative Study of the Haemagglutination Capabilities of Lectin Extracted from Submerged Cultures of Wild and Mutant Strains of Schizophyllum commune

O. A. Awoyinka, D. A. Aina, J. K. Oloke, O. N. Majolagbe, O. I. Akoni
Haemagglutination studies on lectin from both wild (SCW) and mutant strains (SCM1, SCM2, SCM3) of Schizophyllum commune using human blood were explored in this study after six days of submerged fermentation. Haemagglutination assay showed that the lectin from all the strains showed slight discrimination in their haemmaglutinating activity against human blood group with st...

Oct 20, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Use of Artificial Neural Network and Theoretical Modeling to Predict the Effective Elastic Modulus of Composites with Ellipsoidal Inclusions

Anupama Upadhyay, Ramvir Singh
In this paper, a possible applicability of artificial neural networks to predict the elastic modulus of composites with ellipsoidal inclusions is investigated. Besides it, based on the general micromechanical unit cell approach, theoretical formula is also developed, for effective elastic modulus of composites containing randomly dispersed ellipsoidal in homogeneities. Developed theoretical model considers

Oct 17, 2014Open    AccessArticle

TiO2 Nanotubes for Room Temperature Toluene Sensor

Patricia María Perillo, Daniel Fabian Rodríguez, Norberto Gabriel Boggio
TiO2 nanotubes were used to prepare gas sensor and the gas sensing properties towards toluene were analyzed. Titania nanotube arrays were fabricated via electrochemical anodization method in glycerol electrolytes containing NH4F. The sensor fabricated from these nanotubes exhibits a good response to toluene at room temperature with good sensitivity. The toluene sensing properties were tested from 20 to 150 ppm concentrations.

Oct 17, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Duodenogastric Reflux after Biliary Procedure

Naoki Hashimoto
Duodenogastric reflux (DGR) is a poorly understood gastrointestinal process that is defined as reflux of duodenal contents into the stomach. Therapeutic biliary procedures disrupt the function of the sphincter of Oddi. Patients are potential “bile refluxers”. Methods: The present study was carried out to document the incidence and evaluate the clinical significance of DGR after cholecystectomy (n = 9) and choledochoduodenostomy (CDD) (n = 6). Duodenogastric reflux was quantified using continuous...

Oct 16, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Development of Reintroduction Techniques and Population Monitoring of Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) in Southern Madagascar: Ampotaka: First Result for 3 Month Acclimatation

Soary Tahafe Randrianjafizanaka, Rejo Fienena Felicity, Lily-Arison Rene Roland, Herilala Randriamahazo, Bernard Devaux

The radiated tortoise (Astrochelys radiata) of Madagascar is critically endangered with extinction. The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) oversees the in-situ captive breeding program for this species and assesses the suitability of reintroduction from captivity as a management strategy is of great importance. 120 adult and juvenile animals from the quarantine center Mangily/Ifaty (30 km north of Toliara) and 24 resident animals from Ampotaka and Tranovaho will


Oct 16, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Analysis of Two Different Techniques for Treatment of Patellar Dislocation Due to Fibrous Quadriceps Muscle in Children

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Do Tan, Nguyen Do Ngoc Hien
Objective: To evaluate the clinical and functional results of two surgical treatments of patellar dislocation in children. Material and Methods: A prospective study was undertaken from January 1995 to December 2009. Pre-postoperatively, the clinical and roentgenographic examinations were performed. Patellar dislocation was classified according to Bensahel’s criteria. There were two surgical techniques performed: 1) the iliotibial tract passing through patella (ITT), and 2) transferring vastus me...

Oct 15, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Teacher’s Personality: Reflected by Responding to the Environmental Stimuli Instead of Reacting

C. Girija Navaneedhan
In psychological terms personality is defined as the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. It is believed philosophically that the personality of an individual is determined by following factors namely: 1) freedom vs determinism, 2) heredity vs environment, 3) uniqueness vs universality, 4) activeness vs reactiveness, 5) optimism vs pessimism. The paper work focuses on finding how teacher’s personality is reflected by being intuitive...

Oct 14, 2014Open    AccessArticle

A Qualitative Assessment of the Effectiveness of the “Incentive Package” Piloted in Shahjahanpur, Bogra under “Alive and Thrive” Program

Umme Salma Mukta, Syed Masud Ahmed, Umme Sayka, Md. Raisul Haque

Bangladesh is one of the countries with a high rate of infant malnutrition and the major cause is inappropriate breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices. To improve the situation, both GO/NGO organizations are working intensively on the issue. In pursuance of this, AED and BRAC became partners in the Alive and Thrive project (A&T) for improving infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices through motivation and counseling by BRAC’s volunteer commu


Oct 13, 2014Open    AccessArticle

One-Pot Synthesis of Imidazolidine-2-Thiones, Hydantoins and Thiohydantoins under Solvent-Free and Grinding Conditions

Mohammad M. Ghanbari, Javad Safari, Zahra Roohi
A convenient, environmentally friendly and mild green synthesis of imidazolidine-2-thiones, hydantoin and thiohydantoin derivatives was developed by the one-pot reaction of benzils, urea or thiourea derivatives, and strong base at with grinding. The key advantages are the short reaction times, excellent yields, simple workup, and easy purification in the solvent-free condition. The present method aimed to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of the reported methods such as hard work-up, low yi...

Oct 10, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Application of Terrestrial and Aerial Gravimetry in the Pimenta Bueno Graben, Brazil

Hans Schmidt Santos, Diego Moreno Monteiro, Bruno Leite Teixeira
This paper presents an application of the gravimetric method using terrestrial and aerial data collected in one sector of the Parecis Basin, Brazil. The data received latitude and elevation corrections and also the Eotvos correction in the aerial survey case. Maps of Free-Air anomaly and Bouguer anomaly were obtained. These maps allowed us to identify the Pimenta Bueno Graben, which is an attractive region for oil and gas prospecting. Finally, the maps were compared and correlated to tectonic do...

Oct 09, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Performance in Solving the Train Location Problem at Transshipment Yard

Alhossein Mohamed, Qiyuan Peng
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an evolutionary computation technique; it has shown its effectiveness as an efficient, fast and simple method of optimization. In this paper, the mathematical model represents NP-hard in the strong sense; since any instance of the quadratic assignment problem (QAP), I will implement the particle swarm optimization (PSO) for the quadratic assignment problem (QAP). The results show that the PSO is an appropriate optimization tool for use in determining the trai...

Oct 08, 2014Open    AccessArticle

No-Cloning Theorem, Leibniz’s Principle, and the Notion of Uniqueness

Qiankai Yao, Bin Zhang, Yanwei Luo, Hui Huang
The impossibility of cloning an unknown quantum state is one of the basic rules governing quantum physics. This statement, known as the “no-cloning theorem”, prohibits perfect cloning, but doesn’t oppose approximate copying. In this paper, we will prove that, due to the uncontrollable quantum fluctuations, no perfect cloning can be achieved. Such a situation allows us to treat the no-cloning theorem as an equivalent one to Leibniz’s principle, and further unify them under the notion of uniquenes...

Oct 07, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Electron Beam Effects on Kinetic Alfven Waves in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer

G. Shrivastava, J. Shrivastava
This work studies the effect of earthward electron beam on kinetic Alfven wave in plasma sheet boundary layer (PSBL). The particle aspect approach is adopted to investigate the trajectories of charged particles in the electromagnetic field of kinetic Alfven wave. Expressions are found for the dispersion relation, growth/damping-rate and associated currents in the presence of electron beam in homogenous plasma. Kinetic effects of electrons and ions are included to study kinetic Alfven wave becaus...

Oct 06, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Skeletally Modified Polyamide Flame Retardant Coatings

J. Sheeba Vinolia, D. Duraibabu, S. Aparna, S. Ananda Kumar
The use of polyamide coatings for electrical applications is restricted mainly because of its inadequate flame retardant behaviour. In order to improve its flame retardant behaviour, polyamide is modified by incorporating phosphorus moiety in its backbone. The structure of the phosphorus and poly amide was confirmed by infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), NMR, thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), UL-94 vertical burning tests and char residue tests. From the resul...

Sep 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

The Usage of Videogame as a Physiotherapeutic Intervention in Individuals with Down Syndrome

Barbara Beatriz Joei Mioto, Cristiane Goncalves Ribas
Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic disease which has a set of characteristics that result in delays of basic motor skills. Physiotherapy aims to reduce delays in gross and fine motor skills. It also aims to prevent joint instabilities and deformities of the bones. A feature that has drawn the attention of therapists includes virtual reality as a method of rehabilitation. The goal of this study is to analyze the degree of effectiveness of the usage of the game in the rehabilitation of patients with ...

Sep 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Bacteraemia: Analysis of 33 Episodes Occurred in the ICU at the University Hospital in Sousse, Tunisia

Nadia Jaidane, Cherifa Chaouech, Walid Naija, Nourddine Boujaafar, Olfa Bouallegue
Background: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a multidrug-resistant, Gram negative bacillus that has emerged as an opportunistic pathogen associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Aim: The aim of this study is to describe the characteristics of patients with bloodstream infections due to S. maltophilia. Methods: A descriptive retrospective study was performed at the ICUs over seven-year period in a teaching hospital. Cases of SMB were identified through a review of c...