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Oct 08, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Analytical Determination of Conditions of Wagon Rolling Down Marshalling Hump Profiles

Khabibulla Turanov, Andrey Gordiienko
The article contains a model of wagon rolling down the hump profiles. It deals with motive and resistance forces. These forces made it possible to mathematically describe geometrical parameters of hump profile and kinematical characteristics of wagon movement depending on time. The conditions have been formulated, which makes the wagon movement down various marshalling hump profile sections possible. These conditions enable slowdown of the wagon as it moves from one hump profile element to the o...

Sep 30, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Death by Neurological Diseases Observed over Two Years in the Unit of Hospitalization of the Department of Neurology-Chu Cocody-Abidjan

Aka-Anghui Diarra Evelyne, Amon-Tanoh Muriel, Yapo-Ehounoud Constance, Tanoh Christian, Ahuie Kouakou Fulbert
Introduction: The neurological diseases affect the central nervous system and peripheral. Our study was carried out in the unity of hospitalization of the department of neurology of the Hospital and university Center (CHU) of Cocody in Abidjan, economic capital of the Cote d’Ivoire, and concerned all the deaths to release the symptoms and the most lethal affections and the factors of bad forecast. The stroke remains burdened by a very high mortality in the world. Method of this study: It is abou...

Sep 29, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Effect of Gold Nanoparticle on Absorbed Dose by IMRT in Esophagus Phantom

Zeinabnamazi Shiraazi, Seyedrabie Mahdavi, Mohammad Mahdavi, Mahboubeh Khadem Abolfazli
This study aimed to evaluate the use of dosimeters MAGICA gel impregnated with nanoparticles of gold to increase the dose of faulty tissue in the chest phantom in the esophagus and other organs to determine the dose and dose distribution in the tissue with an IMRT treatment. In this study, based on previous studies, the optimal concentration of 0.1 mM gold nanoparticles has been considered. Also, better localization and avoid radiation received dose by other organizations around the IMRT machine...

Sep 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Reliability of Kinovea Computer Program in Measuring Cervical Range of Motion in Sagittal Plane

Shereen H. Elwardany, Wadida H. El-Sayed, Mohammad F. Ali
Purpose: This study was conducted to investigate the intrarater and interrater reliability of Kinovea computer program in measuring cervical range of motion in sagittal plane in healthy subjects. Subjects: Sixty-five normal physical therapy intern students participated in this study. Their age ranged from 20 - 24 years with mean (22.42 ± 0.84) and BMI mean (28.60 ± 1.40). Materials and Methods: Digital camera and labtop with installed Kinovea software were used. The cervical ROM of flexion...

Sep 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Using the Vapor Pressure of Pure Volatile Organic Compounds to Predict the Enthalpy of Vaporization and Computing the Entropy of Vaporization

Shawn M. Abernathy, Kelly R. Brown
The objective of this investigation was to develop a vapor pressure (VP) acquisition system and methodology for performing temperature-dependent VP measurements and predicting the enthalpy of vaporization (ΔHvap) of volatile organic compounds, i.e. VOCs. High quality VP data were acquired for acetone, ethanol, and toluene. VP data were also obtained for water, which served as the system calibration standard. The empirical VP data were in excellent agreement with its refe...

Sep 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Design and Analysis of Solar Energy Mini-Grid for Rural Electrification

Michael Juma Saulo, Victor Odhiambo Omondi
Electric power is a key driver of economic growth and prosperity. But access to electricity still remains a distant dream for majority of the population living in the remote and arid areas of developing countries mostly sub-Saharan Africa. With the growing demand for safe and reliable energy, solar as a source of energy remains the least utilized energy source in the Kenyan economy and yet one of the safest forms of energy. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have shown their potential in rural elec...

Sep 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The National Service Training Program of State Colleges and Universities: An Assessment

Alodia D. G. Zapata
This research focused on the extent of implementation of the features of National Service Training Program in terms of program vision and mission, services and activities offered, budget allocation, supplies and materials used, personnel and faculty involved, and seminars and training conducted for facilitators and implementers. Likewise, it looked on the extent of attainment of the objectives of the program as perceived by the administrators and facilitators of the program and finally the level...

Sep 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Factors Associated with Early Initiation of Complementary Feeding in Bishoftu Town, Oromia, Ethiopia

Gizaw Gemechu Deme, Shimelis Adugna Bekele, Mesele Damte Argaw, Yemane Berhane
Background: Early initiation of complementary feeding which was widely documented in many countries exposed infants to increased risk of morbidity and mortality. The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of early initiation of complementary feeding and associated factors in Bishoftu Town, Oromia, Ethiopia. Methods: An institutional based cross-sectional study design was conducted from January-February 2015 among 422 mothers of infant aged less than 6 months selected from four public...

Sep 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Body Mass Exponential Index: An Age-Independent Anthropometric Nutritional Assessment

Manuel Cidrás
Background: Body mass index (BMI) is a squared-height power function. Nevertheless, some studies show a significant exponential weight-height correlation. Objectives: To demonstrate that the weight-height relationship from 2 to 20 years of age is better expressed by an exponential function. Design: 5th, 50th and 85th percentile weight-height curves according CDC 2000 Growth Charts. A theoretical curve was created with the data on the 50th percentiles of weight and height for each age, equivalent...

Sep 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Storage of Blood for Transfusion in Domestic Refrigerators: Any Immune Consequences?

Samuel S. Antwi-Baffour, Ransford Kyeremeh, Alhassan Shaibu, Jonathan Adjei, Mahmood S. Abdulai
Background: Blood storage particularly for transfusion is a common practice among Medical Laboratory Scientists. However, haemolysis of blood during storage is inevitable but the degree of occurrence is largely dependent on the mode of storage, which has not been fully investigated. Aim: The aim of this study was to measure and compare the extent of haemolysis in blood for transfusion stored in domestic and medical laboratory refrigerators. Methods: Haemolysis was compared from day one up to day...

Sep 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Prolonged Storage of Red Blood Cells for Transfusion in Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine-1 Affects Their Viability

Samuel Antwi-Baffour, Samuel Appiah Danso, Jonathan Adjei, Ransford Kyeremeh, Michael Mark Addae
Most donor blood units for transfusion purposes are stored in Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine-1 (CPDA-1) at blood-banks until used. Despite improvements made in blood storage attempts, CPDA-1 may still cause morphological and degenerative changes in red blood cells (RBCs) if storage is prolonged. The purpose of the study was to assess the viability of RBCs through characteristic changes resulting from prolonged storage in CPDA-1. A total of fifteen whole blood stored in CPDA-1 were analyzed f...

Sep 24, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Assessment of Irrigation Dynamics on Vegetable Production Safety in the Accra Metropolis

Sylvester Achio, Felix Kutsanedzie, Edmund Ameko
This work assessed modes of irrigation on vegetable production in fifty (50) vegetable gardens from ten (10) sampled areas in the Accra Metropolis. Irrigation water sources include: pipe, segment, gutter, dug-well, dam, river, and drains. Demographic survey, nature of the surrounding of the water bodies, physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of irrigation waters were carried out and contrasted with standard values. The analysis of the parameters of various water samples was within the ac...

Sep 23, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Magnetic Monopole Cannot Be Incorporated into the Dual Framework of Electromagnetic Theory

Qiankai Yao
Through reexamining the intention of duality in classical physics, we will develop the electromagnetic field equations (EFEs) into a new dualized form. In the process, we will see 1) the dual symmetry does not represent the counterpart of electricity and magnetism, but a technique of expression, that is, any dualized equation will be equivalent to its originality. This symmetry can naturally lead to a conserved quantity (called the dual spin), and meanwhile is responsible for charge quantization...

Sep 23, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Positioning Youth Development Agenda in Public Discourse in Nigeria: An Advocacy Imperative

Adebayo Fayoyin
Nigeria is currently undergoing what demographers describe as a “youth bulge”, which requires significant attention for sound policies in the area of health, education, economy and good governance. Although development agencies have utilised a multitude of tactics to promote youth and children issues in the country, the level of media and public attention is still insufficient. Children and youth advocates confront significant challenges in attracting sustainable public, policy and media attenti...

Sep 22, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Terrorism among Youths in Nigeria: Implication for National Stability and Integration

Rotimi Adebayo Animasahun
Youth violence, terrorism and gangsterism had seriously affected on Nigeria’s security, economy and social development. This study appraised terrorism among youths in Nigeria, looking at poor education, unemployment and poverty as some of the specific identified factors prompting the menace. The survey research design was adopted for this study. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Multistage simple systematic random sampling technique was adopted in administering a quest...

Sep 22, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Comparison between Modeling of Cetirizine Solubility Using Different Approaches: Semi-Empirical Density Based Correlations vs. Peng-Robinson EoS

Mostafa Lashkarbolooki, Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave
The tunable nature of the solubility of various compounds, including molecules of pharmaceutical and biological interest, in supercritical fluids (SCFs) makes SCF extraction technology attractive for many separation and purification processes. Among the different influencing parameters, the most important one in the supercritical based processes is the knowledge of solubility of model solute. But, experimental measurement of the solubility of all pharmaceuticals in wide ranges of temperature and...

Sep 21, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Investigation of Ca and Mg Removal Capability of Cactus Powder from Hard Water

Tessema Derbe, Hayelom Dargo, Worku Batu
Water that contains high amounts of Mg and Ca metals is hard water. The presence of these metal ions in water prevents the water from lather formation with soap. This leads to the consumption of large amounts of soaps which cause loss of economy. In light of the problem, this study is conducted to investigate the capability of cactus powder to remove Mg and Ca metals from hard water using FAAS. The result revealed that the concentration of both Mg and Ca metals decreased as the dose of cactus po...

Sep 21, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Planting Time Effects of Top-Shoot Cutting on Yield and Grade for Rapid Seed Potato Multiplication

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Abdullah Al Mahmud, Md. Shawquat Ali Khan, Md. Altaf Hossain, Mohammad Zakaria
Top-shoot cuttings were evaluated as planting material with different planting time for rapid multiplication of potato. Plants produced from top-shoot cuttings planted on 25th November (T3) produced higher mean tuber yield (32.95 tha﹣1) than December planting. Total yield of potato increased 122.8% from early one source crop plants due to taking two times cutting and it was 89.7 % from late one source crop plants. Seed tuber yield increased 167.89% and 95.33% in ...

Sep 18, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Fundamental Nature of Gravity

Jack Heighway
Careful analysis proves that the gravitational potential energy of a massive object resides not in the gravitational field, but in the object itself, manifesting as a change in the rest mass of the object. This effect, gravitational rest mass reduction, is not only the cause of the gravitational red shift, but also responsible for an effect heretofore unrecognized: gravitational size dilation. This latter effect implies that the true geometry of three-space surrounding a star or a black hole dif...

Sep 17, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Yield of Tomato in Soil Treated with Compost, Amorphous Primary Minerals and Microorganisms

Juan Martin Parra Delgado, Edgar Quero Gutierrez, Leopoldo Partida Ruvalcaba, Teresa de Jesus Velazquez Alcaraz, Tomas Diaz Valdes, Felipe Ayala Tafoya, Marino Valenzuela Lopez
This research was conducted to determine the chemical condition initial and final of the soil, having been treated with compost, primary minerals amorphous (MPA) and microorganisms (M) as well as response of the hybrid “Moctezuma” of saladette tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.). Compost and MPA were applied 30 days before the transplant, the Steiner solution from the transplant and the microorganisms every eight days up to harvest in drip irrigation; the population density was 25,000 ...

Sep 17, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Non-Standard Difference Method for Numerical Solution of Linear Fredholm Integro-Differential Type Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Pramod Kumar Pandey
In this article we have considered Fredholm integro-differential equation type second-order boundary value problems and proposed a rational difference method for numerical solution of the problems. The composite trapezoidal quadrature and non-standard difference method are used to convert Fredholm integro-differential equation into a system of equations. The numerical results in experiment on some model problems show the simplicity and efficiency of the method. Numerical results showed that the ...

Sep 16, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Appraisal of Techniques, Investigation and Analysis of Vitamin (B7) Biotin

Safila Naveed, Fatima Qamar, Syeda Sarah Abbas, Syed Hameez Jawed, Wajiha Raza, Mahera Khan, Bushra Iqbal
Biotin is also called vitamin B7, vitamin B8 or vitamin H. Biotin is a water soluble compound and is colorless in appearance. Overall eight different types of biotin exist but only Biotin-D occurs naturally with its complete vitamin activity. It is mainly synthesized by mold, algae, bacteria, yeast and some plant species. There are different methods used to find the vitamins in nutrients and samples. This article is composed of the comprehensive review of the competitive techniques and various m...

Sep 16, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Dynamics of Policies and Practices of Labour Contracting in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector

Hakeem Adeniyi Ajonbadi
This study critically examined the dynamics of the policies and practices of labour contracting within the Nigerian oil and gas sector as operated by some selected multinational organisations, namely: Mobil, Shell and Chevron. The study examined the nature of labour contracting, how and why it was adopted; and the implications of MNCs using such policies and practices in managing Nigerian workers. The study shed light on labour contracting arrangements and emerging employment relationships, as w...

Sep 15, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Consequences of a Godel’s Misjudgment

Giuseppe Raguni
The fundamental aim of the paper is to correct a harmful way to interpret a Godel’s erroneous remark at the Congress of Konigsberg in 1930. Although the Godel’s fault is rather venial, its misreading has produced and continues to produce dangerous fruits, so as to apply the incompleteness Theorems to the full second-order Arithmetic and to deduce the semantic incompleteness of its language by these same Theorems. The first three paragraphs are introductory and serve to define the language...

Sep 15, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Tin Recovery as Stannous Chloride by Chlorination of Tin-Plated Scrap at 298 K

Raul Coltters, Adalberto Rosales, Aurora Molina
The chlorination of domestic tin-plated scrap was studied to determine the potential of this material as a source of tin for the manufacture of stannous chloride. It is found that tin-plated crap chlorinated in a preferential manner at a temperature of 298 K and iron did not react with chlorine at this temperature. It has been demonstrated on a laboratory scale that it is feasible to separate tin from tin coated scrap as high purity SnCl2 crystals by chlorinating in Cl2/N...

Sep 14, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Occupational Safety and Health among Carpet Factory Workers in a District of Nepal

Raj Kumar Subedi, Subin Banamala
Occupational safety and health is a neglected area in small scale cottage factories in Nepal. A cross-sectional study was conducted in 10 small scale carpet factories in Bhaktapur district of Nepal among 100 workers to find out their occupational health and safety status. The study revealed that majority of the workers were females (57%) and more than half (52%) of the workers were aged 20 - 30 years. The duration of work in a day ranged from 8 to 12 hours and majority were weavers (58%). About ...

Sep 14, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Effect of Morphological and Physiological Development on the Acclimatization of in Vitro Plants of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad ex Wendl in Liquid Culture Medium

Yudith Garcia-Ramirez, Mallelyn González-González, Marisol Freire-Seijo, Mariana La O-Cárdenas, Miladys León-Quintana, Berkis Roque-Morales, Eilyn Mena-Méndez, Miladys Francisca Mendoza-Rodriguez, Leonardo Rivero-Quintana
Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex Wendl (B. vulgaris) is a species of great interest because it produces the most important non-timber forest products of worldwide. It has become an integral component in social forestry programs. This study aimed to determine the effect of morphological and physiological development on the acclimatization of in vitro plants of B. vulgaris. Morphological and physiological parameters of plants subjected to in vitro conditions were evaluated. ...

Sep 11, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Aqueous Eucalyptus Extracts on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Zea mays L.

Wasihun Regu Gurmu
Allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus are widely reported and are considered the major factor limiting the cultivation of agricultural crops intercropped. However, reports of the allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus are mostly based on laboratory bioassay, not on field trials. The objective of the present study was to determine the effects of different leaves powder proportions of Eucalyptus species on agricultural crops as well as change in soil reaction. This research was undertaken in a pot...

Sep 11, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Psychology behind Clandestine Affairs in an Interpersonal Romantic Liaison

Disha Khanna
Clandestine love affairs and meetings between love smitten couples are common issues since time immemorial. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Lovers in societies who are conservative need to have clandestine meetings, that is, they can meet only secretly even for their simple romantic relationships. There is nothing novel among these rendezvous’ between two loving parties. But the matter of concern that stands supreme is the psychology or in other words the working...

Sep 10, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Singing Sand Dunes: The Spontaneous Acoustic Emission from Granular Shear Flow

Kishore Dutta
One of the highly striking yet poorly understood natural phenomena is the song of dunes. Some sand dunes in deserts have a peculiar ability to emit a loud persistent sound with a characteristic audible low-frequency (75-105 Hz), sometimes can be heard up to 10 km away. Scientific investigations suggest that the sustained low- frequency sound of sand dunes that resembles a pure note from a musical instrument, is due to the synchronized motion of well-sorted dry sand grains when they spontaneousl...

Sep 10, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Theoretical Study of the Structure and Vibrational Spectrum of [Zn(2-Aminothiazole)2Cl2]

Rumyana Yankova
The geometry optimization of [Zn(2-Aminothiazole)2Cl2] complex was done in gas and in water phase by ab initio, Hartree-Fock (HF) and Density Functional Theory (DFT/B3LYP) methods with 6-31G(d, p) basis set. A complete vibrational assignment was provided for the observed IR spectra. The bond orders and the electronic properties of the complex were calculated. The calculated highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) and lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) with frontie...

Sep 09, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Application of Mixture Models for Analyzing Reliability Data: A Case Study

Sabba Ruhi
Whenever purchasing durable goods, customers expect it to perform properly at least for a reasonable period of time. Over the last 30 years there has been a heightened interest in improving quality, productivity and reliability of manufactured products. As discussed by Murthy, Xie and Jiang, [1] analyzed “Aircraft windshield failure data” and fitted 2-fold Weibull mixture model for this data set. They estimated the model parameters from WPP plot. In this study, a set of competitive 2-fold mixtur...

Sep 08, 2015Open    AccessArticle

A Study of HELLP Syndrome among Cases of Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia: Incidence and Correlation of Laboratory Parameters

Priyadarshini Tiwari, Sona Bhalavi, Shubhangi Nayak, Rajesh Tiwari
Objective: To determine the incidence of HELLP syndrome amongst cases of Eclampsia and severe pre eclampsia admitted to our hospital and to study the correlation of laboratory parameters with the mean arterial pressure (MAP) and with each other. Method: 238 cases of severe pre eclampsia and eclampsia were studied for their clinical features, laboratory parameters and outcome. Cases were divided into two groups: non HELLP and complete HELLP for comparison of the maternal and perinatal outcome. Th...

Sep 07, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Dynamic Models for Addition and Subtraction

Pellumb Kllogjeri, Lindita Kllogjeri
One of the most important features of GeoGebra [1] is the coordination of the geometric and algebraic representations, easily observed in GeoGebra window. Using GeoGebra software the teacher can geometrically and fruitfully teach the concepts and algorithms of arithmetic operations in the elementary school. Our paper focuses on two important operations: addition and subtraction in the set of whole numbers. Using GeoGebra features [2], we visually demonstrate the concepts of these two operations ...

Sep 04, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Some Aspects of Groundwater Quality in Najran Town, Kigdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdelatif Mokhtar Ahmed, Abdullah Al Alwadie, Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahin
This paper aims to determine the groundwater quality at Najran town and nearby villages, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Physical and chemical analyses have been carried out for seven groundwater samples collected from Najran area. This study indicates that the groundwater quality in the study area is fit for human purposes except at few localities which contain high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) and electrical conductivity (EC) above the permissible limits of the World Health Organization st...

Sep 02, 2015Open    AccessArticle

An Improved “Interference Collapse Rule” of Quantum Mechanics

Hans H. Diel
The double-slit (gedanken-) experiment is the most famous experiment in quantum theory (QT). The explanation of the strange behavior of the electron in this experiment is used as a key example in QT in general. The description of the experiment includes a rationalization of when in quantum mechanics interference occurs and (most importantly) when it “collapses”. The aforementioned rule, here called the “interference collapse rule”, is contained in almost all textbooks of QT with only slight vari...

Sep 01, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Bacteria Isolated from the Oropharynxs of Apparently Healthy Chickens in Jos, Nigeria

Yakubu G. Dashe, Moshood A. Raji, Paul A. Abdu, Blessing S. Oladele, Lola Oluwadare
There are concerns that apparently healthy chickens may transmit potentially pathogenic pathogens that could threaten not only poultry industry, but also public health. This investigative study was carried out in Jos, Nigeria to determine the prevalent bacterial agents in the oropharynxs of apparently healthy chickens. Four hundred (400) oropharyngeal swabs were collected from 400 apparently healthy chickens for bacteriological analysis. Swab from each sample was cultured on 7% defibrinated shee...

Aug 31, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Role of School Principal as Instructional Leader: The Case of Shambu Primary School

Mulugeta Wende Geleta
The purpose of this study is to explore the practices of primary school principal’s role as instructional leader—the case of Shambu Primary School. To investigate the issue under consideration, the study was guided by qualitative case study. The guiding questions for the study were: what are the practices of principal’s role as instructional leader at Shambu Primary School? How does principal fulfill his/her instructional leadership role? And which activities do principals as instructional leade...

Aug 31, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Prevalence of Nsaids (Non Steroidal Inflammatory Drugs) as a Chemopreventive Agent in Different Types of Cancer: Retrospective Detail Studies

Maria Ayub, Amna Islam
NSAIDs are the most widely used drugs globaly and are very famous for their analgesic, anti-in- flammatory and antipyretic actions. The use of NSAIDs in a variety of cancerous conditions is also approved now because of its versatile pharmacologic actions. In this research based study the use of NSAIDs as a chemointerceptive agent in a variety of cancers has been discussed. We aimed to know about the chemopreventive effects of NSAIDs that are a very diverse group of drugs having a lot of pharmaco...

Aug 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Climbing the Ladder of Success in the Imperial China: Chang Chien’s Examination Life

Shun-Chih Sun
Chang Chien (1853-1926) was a native of Nant’ung, Kiangsu. In spite of the Various works on Chang Chien, which testify to the significance of his role in modern China, Chang Chien’s examination life is still not well-researched. The purposes of this paper are firstly, to analyze Chang Chien’s examination life systematically and clearly in the hope that it may become a useful reference for researchers on modern China, and secondly, to stimulate scholars for further research. This paper depends mo...

Aug 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Role of Fungal Enzymes in the Biochemistry of Egyptian Ras Cheese during Ripening Period

Husain A. El-Fadaly, Sherif M. El-Kadi, Mohamed N. Hamad, Abdelhady A. Habib
Six fungal genera including thirteen species isolated from Ras cheese samples were tested for assimilation of lactose, skim and fat milk hydrolysis. All fungal strains gave negative results in lactose assimilation except A. nidulans which produced acid without gas after 24 hr and produced a soluble red pigment after 10 days of incubation. All tested fungal strains showed positive results for protein hydrolysis on modified Czapek agar (MCA) medium by skim milk addition. The presence of cas...

Aug 27, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Significance of Procalcitonin and C-Reactive Protein in Diagnostic Tests for Respiratory Adenovirus Infections in Children

Wolfgang Kunze, Thorsten Klemm, Jan-Peter Streidl
Background: This study aims to answer the question if procalcitonin tests allow distinguishing bacterial from AdV infections in cases in which acute phase values are significantly elevated. Methods: 40 patients of infant and toddler age were divided into two patient groups (n = 23) and (n = 17) for comparison based on PCT 0.5 μg/L. AdV was determined by polymerase-chain-reaction. Results: The PCT value in Group 1 is 0.21 ± 0.12 μg/L, median 0.2, and 1.56 ± 1.07 μg/L, median 1.3 (p = 0.000...

Aug 27, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Deep Traps and Parasitic Effects in Al0.25Ga0.75N/GaN/SiC Heterostructures with Different Schottky Contact Surfaces

Salah Saadaoui, Olfa Fathallah, Mohamed Mongi Ben Salem, Christophe Gaquière, Hassen Maaref
Hysteresis phenomenon in the capacitance-voltage characteristics under reverse-biased Schottky gate has been investigated for Al0.25Ga0.75N/GaN/SiC structures having three different gate surfaces. This parasitic effect was correlated with the presence of deep levels in our samples. Indeed, we have noticed the presence of two traps named H1 and A1; their respective activation energies, which are determined using capacitance deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) are respec...

Aug 26, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Representation vs. Participation of Female Students in Class: A Comparative Feminist Investigation

Gudetu W. Bortola
Even though Education is most important to pursue the objective of women’s empowerment, gender imbalance that prevails at various levels of schooling has been a hampering factor. Besides enrollment, gender disparity manifests in areas of class participation and achievement in higher education institutions. In Ethiopia, even if through several interventions, the enrollment of female students at various levels of schooling has dramatically been increased, questions like in class participation and ...

Aug 26, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Applying Florence Nightingale’s Model of Nursing and the Environment on Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Infected Patients in the Kenyan Setting

Simon Macharia Kamau, Rose Jelagat Rotich, Brigid Chemutai Cheruiyot, Lily Chepketer Ng’eno
Nurses in many resource limited settings have mostly used the medical model which failed to answer many of their concerns in managing tuberculosis infected patients. Florence Nightingale’s Model of Nursing and the Environment states that nurses manipulate and mediate the environment to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon. Nursing theory and models have been recognized as key components to evidence based practice today. Every nurs...

Aug 26, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Guillain Barre and Anesthesia— Intraoperative Disaster?

Omonele O. Nwokolo, Semhar J. Ghebremichael, Sara Guzman-Reyes
This is the case of a 76 y/o AA man with a past medical history of Hypertension and Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), who presented for a median sternotomy and excision of a thymic mass after workup for multiple episodes of syncope revealed the thymic mass. Intraoperatively, the patient had 2 episodes of cardiac arrest with asystole. He was adequately resuscitated and extubated. He was later determined by Neurology to have severe autonomic dysfunction and not a candidate for any elective surgery.

Aug 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Effect of Spirituality on Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Correlation with the Mental Health Status and Cognitive Perception for Their Illness. Study Protocol

Evangelos Fradelos, Foteini Tzavella, Eumorfia Koukia, Sofia Zyga
Background: Patients who suffer from chronic renal disease face problems in many aspects of their life, problems that are physical, social as well as mental, such as stress, anxiety, depression. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) exhibit a number of spiritual needs, which relate to and influence the psychological adaptation to the illness. Aim: The aim of the present study is to investigate spirituality and spiritual needs of patients with CKD and the possible relation between spirituali...

Aug 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Whether the CPT Symmetry Can Be Almighty Even in a Photon

Koji Nagata, Tadao Nakamura
As a trial, though thinking of general concepts, of our scientific challenge, we consider whether the Charge-Parity-Time (CPT) symmetry can be almighty even in a photon. This is the main aim of this paper. In what follows, we discuss our argumentations dividing the conjecture into two parts. Rotational invariance of physical laws is an accepted principle in Newton’s theory. We show that it leads to an additional constraint on local realistic theories with mixture of ten-particle Greenberger- Hor...

Aug 25, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Antioxidant, Total Lycopene, Ascorbic Acid and Microbial Load Estimation in Powdered Tomato Varieties Sold in Dutsin-Ma Market

Godwin Ojochogu Adejo, Francis Akumabi Agbali, Orinya Sandra Otokpa
Tomato varieties sold in Dutsin-Ma market namely, UTC, Rukuta and Dan-Aka were subjected to drying in a laboratory oven, solar drier and under direct sunlight then, powdered. The antioxidant and total lycopene contents were examined and found to be unaffected by the three drying procedures, with values ranging between 68.46% ± 0.90% to 80.77% ± 1.11% and 123.63 to 161.98 mg/kg, respectively. The ascorbic acid was also tested and values were significantly lower in all the samples subjected to sun...

Aug 24, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Can Von Neumann’s Theory Meet Quantum Computation?

Koji Nagata, Tadao Nakamura
Recently, it is shown that there is a crucial contradiction within von Neumann’s theory [K. Nagata and T. Nakamura, Int. J. Theor. Phys. 49, 162 (2010)]. We derive a proposition concerning a quantum expected value under the assumption of the existence of the directions in a spin-1/2 system. The quantum predictions within the formalism of von Neumann’s projective measurement cannot coexist with the proposition concerning the existence of the directions. Therefore, we have to give up either the ex...