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A Study of Cultural-Loaded Words Translation in External Publicity Translation from Translator’s Visibility

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106495, PP. 1-10

Subject Areas: Linguistics

Keywords: External Publicity Translation, Foreignization, Translator’s Visibility

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Report on the Work of the Government (hereinafter “the work report” for short) is an important annual government document in China, which mainly includes the work summary of the previous year and the work prospect of the next year. This paper, with the help of Venuti’s foreignization translation strategy, analyzes how cultural-loaded words are translated in the work report 2019 and tries to explore how translated Chinese culture can be accurately understood and accepted by Western audiences, and how Chinese culture can be better introduced to the world. The author believes that when translating external publicity texts, the translator should try to take foreignization as the main method and domestication as a complement, and convey the accurate meaning at the same time. Thus, the excellent Chinese culture can be introduced to the world, and the expression of the target language can be enriched. The translator should also bear the responsibility to promote the world culture to seek common ground while reserving differences, and enrich the cultural diversity.

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Li, W. and Jia, H. (2020). A Study of Cultural-Loaded Words Translation in External Publicity Translation from Translator’s Visibility. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6495. doi:


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