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Microencapsulation Stability of Stevia Leaf Extracts of Stevia rebaudiana Bert Using Inulin-Chitosan

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105925, PP. 1-7

Subject Areas: Nutrition

Keywords: Stevia Leaf Extract, Microencapsulation, Physical Stability, Inulin, Chitosan

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Extract of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert has a content that is easily oxidized by the presence of light and heating so it is not stable during storage. A microencapsulation process is carried out which aims to protect the contents in the extract. This study aims to determine the effect of storage temperature on the physical stability of the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert with a combination of encapsulants inulin chitosan. A study was conducted to determine the effect of temperature on the mi-croencapsulation stability of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert over a period of 1 month. Tests carried out on the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf of re-baudiana Bert include the examination of the physical parameters of the microcapsules, namely the microencapsulation yield, moisture content, sol-ubility, flow rate, non-encapsulated and encapsulated extracts content and determination of particle distribution and morphological form. The test results show that the storage temperature does not affect the microen-capsulation stability of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert, because the SEM test results did not change i.e. the particle size distribution of 1 - 1000 μm. The average yield obtained from making microencapsulation of Stevia leaf extract of rebaudiana Bert was 98.20%. Storage temperatures of 5?C, 25?C and 40?C affect the physical stability of the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf extract of rebaudiana Bert due to changes in the profile of physical characteristics during storage.

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Mutmainah, M. , Martono, Y. , Franyoto, Y. D. and Kusmita, L. (2019). Microencapsulation Stability of Stevia Leaf Extracts of Stevia rebaudiana Bert Using Inulin-Chitosan. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5925. doi:


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