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Using Wave-Coefficients as Feature Vectors to Identify Aerospace Targets
Xiao-Min Jiang;Shouqing Jia;Mingyao Xia;Chi Hou Chan
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER12111810
Abstract: An original target identification method using Wave-Coefficients (WCs) as feature vector is proposed. The scattering fields of arbitrary shaped targets are expressed as a sum of spherical waves and the distinctive coefficients are exploited as the target feature. Decision rule based on correlation coefficient is established, and some analyses on the properties of the WCs are conducted. Numerical simulations of four targets are carried out and the recognition performances without and with noise are provided and discussed.
Transient Analysis of Wire Structures Using Time Domain Integral Equation Method with Exact Matrix Elements
Guai-Hong Zhang;Mingyao Xia;Xiao-Min Jiang
PIER , 2009, DOI: 10.2528/PIER09032003
Abstract: A novel time-domain integral equation (TDIE) solver for transient analysis of conducting wires is proposed. It is formulated using the induced electric dipoles as unknown functions. The triangular and B-spline functions are employed as the spatial and temporal basis functions, respectively. By using these basis functions, the matrix elements are found obtainable via exact closed-form formulae, which furnish a robust scheme in terms of stability and accuracy. In addition, to accelerate the matrix filling, a recursive algorithm is introduced. Numerical validations are provided by a dipole antenna, a V-shape antenna and a helical antenna.
cDNA Cloning of Human Leptin and Its Expression

JIA Zhen-Yu,FU Xiao-Min,JIN Ai-Hua,CAO Jiang,

生物工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: To clone cDNA of human leptin gene and obtain leptin protein for future study on leptin binding proteins. The cDNA of human leptin with 6 x his-tag was cloned by over-hang extension PCR protocol using human genomic DNA as template, and subcloned into in vitro expression vector pIVEX2.3MCS, and the fusion protein was expressed in vitro by Rapid Translation System (RTS) (RTS500 cycle primer Kit and RTS500 ProteoMaster of Roche company). The apparent molecular weight(19.46 kD) and the immuno-specificity of the fusion protein were confirmed by SDS-PAGE and Western blot, and the expressed fusion protein stayed mainly in the supernatant of the reaction mixture in soluble form. This work provides us solid basis for further study on new leptin-associated proteins.
Time Domain Integral Equation Approach for Analysis of Transient Responses by Metallic-Dielectric Composite Bodies
Guai-Hong Zhang;Mingyao Xia;Chi Hou Chan
PIER , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIER08092803
Abstract: A time domain integral equation approach for analysis of transient responses by 3D composite metallic-dielectric bodies is proposed, which is formulated using the surface equivalent polarization and magnetization as unknown functions. The time domain electric field integral equation is adopted for the metallic part, while the time domain Piggio-Miller-Chang-Harrington-Wu integral equations are adopted for the dielectric part. The spatial and temporal basis functions are the Rao-Wilton-Glisson functions and quadratic Bspline functions, respectively. Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the stability and accuracy of the proposed method. No late-time instability is encountered, and the results are found in good agreements with analytical or moment method solutions.
Effects of fertilization and maize growing on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen

HOU Hua-ting,ZHANG Cong-zhi,ZHANG Jia-bao,CHEN Xiao-min,

土壤 , 2012,
Abstract: 以裸地(不种植作物)和玉米种植的田间小区试验为平台,研究不同施肥水平及玉米种植对土壤微生物生物量碳氮的影响。结果表明,当不施肥时,土壤微生物生物量碳氮含量裸地平均值分别为175.98 mg/kg和26.04 mg/kg,种植玉米小区的平均值分别为161.65 mg/kg和22.70 mg/kg,土壤微生物生物量碳氮低于裸地;而施肥时,裸地的土壤微生物生物量碳氮平均值的变化范围分别为182.27~206.27 mg/kg和27.41~31.22 mg/kg,种植玉米小区的变化范围分别为194.70~235.58 mg/kg和35.76~44.66 mg/kg,土壤微生物生物量碳氮高于裸地,可见土壤碳氮的平衡对于土壤微生物生物量碳氮极为重要。裸地和玉米种植小区土壤微生物生物量碳氮均随着施肥量的增加呈现出先增加后降低的趋势,其施氮水平拐点分别为70 kg/hm2和150kg/hm2,表明施肥水平对土壤微生物生物量碳氮具有显著影响。另外,玉米各生育期间土壤微生物生物量碳氮也存在着显著差异,其中,土壤微生物生物量碳氮含量在拔节期处于最低,变动范围分别为154.46~229.09 mg/kg和18.84~31.44 mg/kg;抽雄期处于最高,变动范围分别为171.71~242.48 mg/kg和30.01~50.54 mg/kg。
Chronic Zinc Exposure Decreases the Surface Expression of NR2A-Containing NMDA Receptors in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons
Jia Zhu, Chong-Yu Shao, Wei Yang, Xiao-Min Zhang, Zhen-Yong Wu, Liang Zhou, Xin-Xin Wang, Yun-Hong Li, Jun Xia, Jian-Hong Luo, Ying Shen
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046012
Abstract: Background Zinc distributes widely in the central nervous system, especially in the hippocampus, amygdala and cortex. The dynamic balance of zinc is critical for neuronal functions. Zinc modulates the activity of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) through the direct inhibition and various intracellular signaling pathways. Abnormal NMDAR activities have been implicated in the aetiology of many brain diseases. Sustained zinc accumulation in the extracellular fluid is known to link to pathological conditions. However, the mechanism linking this chronic zinc exposure and NMDAR dysfunction is poorly understood. Methodology/Principal Findings We reported that chronic zinc exposure reduced the numbers of NR1 and NR2A clusters in cultured hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Whole-cell and synaptic NR2A-mediated currents also decreased. By contrast, zinc did not affect NR2B, suggesting that chronic zinc exposure specifically influences NR2A-containg NMDARs. Surface biotinylation indicated that zinc exposure attenuated the membrane expression of NR1 and NR2A, which might arise from to the dissociation of the NR2A-PSD-95-Src complex. Conclusions Chronic zinc exposure perturbs the interaction of NR2A to PSD-95 and causes the disorder of NMDARs in hippocampal neurons, suggesting a novel action of zinc distinct from its acute effects on NMDAR activity.
Integrative Analyses Identify Osteopontin, LAMB3 and ITGB1 as Critical Pro-Metastatic Genes for Lung Cancer
Xiao-Min Wang, Jing Li, Ming-Xia Yan, Lei Liu, De-Shui Jia, Qin Geng, He-Chun Lin, Xiang-Huo He, Jin-Jun Li, Ming Yao
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055714
Abstract: Objective To explore the key regulatory genes associated with lung cancer in order to reduce its occurrence and progress through silencing these key genes. Methods To identify the key regulatory genes involved in lung cancer, we performed a combination of gene array and bioinformatics analyses to compare gene transcription profiles in 3 monoclonal cell strains with high, medium or low metastatic abilities, which were separated from the SPC-A-1sci and SPC-A-1 cell lines by limiting dilution monoclone assay. We then analyzed those genes’ biological activities by knocking down their expression in SPC-A-1sci cells using siRNA and lenti-viral shRNA vectors, followed by determinations of the invasion and migration capabilities of the resulting cell lines in vitro as well as their potential for inducing occurrence and metastasis of lung cancer in vivo. To examine the clinical relevance of these findings, we analyzed the expression levels of the identified genes in human lung cancer tissues (n = 135) and matched adjacent normal tissues by immunohistochemical (IHC) staining. Results Three monoclonal cell strains characterized with high, medium or low metastatic abilities were successfully selected. Gene array and bioinformatics analyses implied that osteopontin, LAMB3 and ITGB1 were key genes involved in lung cancer. Knockdown of these genes suppressed human lung cancer cell invasion and metastasis in vitro and in vivo. Clinical sample analyses indicated that osteopontin, LAMB3 and ITGB1 protein expression levels were higher in lung cancer patients, compared to non-cancerous adjacent tissues, and correlated with lymphatic metastasis. Conclusions We confirmed that osteopontin, LAMB3 and ITGB1 played important roles in the occurrence and metastasis of lung cancer, thus provided important clues to understanding the molecular mechanism of metastasis and contributing to the therapeutic treatment of lung cancer.
Nitrate Vertical Transport and Simulating Model in Saturated Soils in Typical Region

DENG Jian-cai,CHEN Xiao-min,JIANG Xin,ZHANG Jia-bao,LU Xin,

环境科学 , 2005,
Abstract: By simulating soil column in laboratory, the nitrate vertical transport characteristics in farmland soil in Fengqu region of Henan Province were studied. The results show that, under saturated soil condition, the different concentrations of nitrate (100 mg x L(-1) 200mg x L(-1)) had no obvious influence on the breakthrough curves (BTCs) of nitrate vertical transport. When the soil columns were eluted by nitrate solution containing co-existing cations (K+ and Ca2+), the BTCs of nitrate vertical transport in the topsoil(0 - 30cm) of yellow fluvo-aquic soil and aeolian sandy soil were very similar. However, the outflow time of nitrate in the middle and bottom soil layers in the yellow fluvo-aquic soil was significantly extended, when the soil columns were eluted by nitrate solution containing Ca2+. The longer the outflow time of nitrate transport out of soil column was, the evener and lower the peak of the BTCs was. The mathematical model, CXTFIT2.0, could be applied to accurately estimate nitrate leaching mass in the saturated soil with steady-state flow condition. The fitted BTCs were in good agreement with the observed BTCs, which had high correlative coefficients (0.8594 - 0.9978).
Combined Effects of TGFB1 +869 T/C and +915 G/C Polymorphisms on Acute Rejection Risk in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Yu-Zheng Ge, Ran Wu, Tian-Ze Lu, Rui-Peng Jia, Ming-Hao Li, Xiao-Fei Gao, Xiao-Min Jiang, Xian-Bo Zhu, Liang-Peng Li, Si-Jia Tan, Qun Song, Wen-Cheng Li, Jia-Geng Zhu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0093938
Abstract: Background Transforming growth factor-beta 1(TGF-β1) is involved in the development of acute rejection (AR) episodes in solid organ transplant recipients; and a number of studies have been conducted to investigate the combined effects of human TGF-β1 gene (TGFB1) +869 T/C and +915 G/C polymorphisms on AR risk. However, the results obtained are inconclusive. Methods Eligible studies that investigated the haplotypic association between TGFB1 +869 T/C and +915 G/C polymorphisms and AR risk were comprehensively searched in the PUBMED, EMBASE, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, and Wanfang Database. Statistical analyses were performed by using STATA 12.0 and Review Manager 5.0. Results Fourteen eligible studies with 565 AR cases and 1219 non-AR cases were included. Overall, a significantly decreased risk was detected in patients carried with intermediate producer (IP) haplotypes (T/C G/C, T/T G/C, and C/C G/G) and/or low producer (LP) haplotypes (C/C G/C, C/C C/C, T/T C/C, and T/C C/C) compared with high producer (HP) haplotypes (T/T G/G and T/C G/G; IP vs. HP: OR = 0.75, 95% CI, 0.58–0.96, P heterogeneity = 0.238; IP/LP vs. HP: OR = 0.77, 95% CI, 0.61–0.98, P heterogeneity = 0.144). In addition, subgroup analysis by transplant types demonstrated a similar association in patients receiving heart transplant (IP vs. HP: OR = 0.32, 95% CI, 0.14–0.73, P heterogeneity = 0.790; IP/LP vs. HP: OR = 0.41, 95% CI, 0.20–0.85, P heterogeneity = 0.320). Conclusions The current meta-analysis and systematic review indicated that recipient TGFB1 HP haplotypes were significantly associated with an increased risk for AR in solid organ transplant recipients, particularly patients receiving cardiac allograft.
Aerodynamic Model Analysis and Flight Simulation Research of UAV Based on Simulink  [PDF]
Chao Yun, Xiao-Min Li
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2013.62007

Mathematical simulation method can be adopted to check flight characteristic of UAV, also can be adopted to simulate hardware experiments of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), then related flight experiments can be performed. The simulation method can reduce the flight periods, cost and risk. UAV flight model research play an important role in simulation and modeling in initialize periods of the UAV producing. The study of the paper focuses on the aerodynamic force modeling work of UAV based on Simulink. The designed model not only can afford mathematics simulation experiment but also will do benefits to the research of flight control, navigation guidance of UAV.

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