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Semra DA??I
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Do u Akdeniz’in en nemli ticaret limanlar ndan biri olan zmir (Smyrna), 17. yüzy lda dünya ticaretindeki etkinli ini büyük l üde artt rm t r. Kentin tarihi ile ilgili ara t rmalarda, ara t rmac lara büyük katk sa layan ve nemli kaynaklar olarak de erlendirilen gezi yaz lar , seyahatnameler bu yüzy lda art g stermeye ba lam t r sürdürmü tür. Bu al mada 1893-1896 y llar nda zmir’de Frans zca olarak bas lan ticaret y ll klar esas al nm t r. Bu y ll klar, 19. Yüzy l sonlar nda kentin ticari ve ekonomik yap s , meslek gruplar ile meslek sahiplerinin kay tlar na yer vermektedir. Bunlar aras nda sanatla ilgili olanlar ve sanat lar, bu al man n zünü olu turmakta ve bizleri daha nce ad duyulmam bir ok sanat ya g türmektedir. Bu ba lamda 19. yüzy l n sonlar nda zmir’de ya am ve kentin sanat ve kültür ya am na katk da bulunmu ki iler ve ilgili meslekler genel bir er eve i inde de erlendirilmeye al lm t r.Izmir (Smyrna), which was one of the most important trading ports in the Eastern Mediterranean, has greatly enhanced its effectiveness in world trade in 17th century. The travel writings also increased during this century. As another important source, the ‘Izmirtrade yearbooks’ forms the basis of this study. They shed light on to the social and economic history of the Izmir city. These annuals, which were published in zmir in French between 1893-1896, contain information about the city's commercial and economic structure, occupational groups and business owners at the end of that century. This study aims to evaluate well known or neglected artists and artistic occupations which documented in the ‘Izmir trade yearbooks’.
A master engraver Stefano della Bella; his style, works and aprroach to the Oriental image
Semra Da???
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Stefano della Bella was one of the famous Italian printmaker in 17th century. He was apprenticed to a goldsmith but soon he began to turn his attention entirely towards engraving. He spent the majority of his prolific career working in Florence. He also spent a considerable time in study at Rome and went to Paris and the Netherlands. In the beginning of his artistic career he was under the influence of Jacques Callot’s style but later became enchanted by the Rembrandt’s prints. Rembrandt’s effect is also seen on Della Bella’s Orientalist figure studies. His style changed somewhat when he traveled to Paris and the Netherlands. He was a productive printmaker and left very numerous drawings and engravings about theatrical designs, landscapes and battle scenes. His productions over 1000 separate pieces are now in different museums and private collections all over the world.
Multifactorial Optimization Approach for Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sea Sediments of Turkish Mediterranean Coast  [PDF]
Semra G. Tuncel, Tansel Topal
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2011.27090
Abstract: Present study aims the optimisation and validation of the extraction procedures for the determination of poly- cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sediment samples. As analytical techniques, gas chromatography- mass detector (GC-MS) and gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID). The optimized methods were soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic bath extraction and solid phase micro extraction (SPME). The factorial design was used in order to search out the main factors affecting extraction efficiencies. The best extraction method was chosen as ultrasonic bath extraction and optimum values for main factors were selected for the development of this extraction method. The optimised methods were validated to confirm the reliability. Percent errors were in between 1.40% - 25.0%. Relative standard deviation was less than 1% and limit of detection changed from 0.006 to 0.028 mg/L. The accuracy of the method was verified by analyzing National Institute of Standards and Technology, Standard Reference Material 1597a (NIST SRM 1597a). The selectivity, accuracy and precision were quite adequate for the determination of PAHs in sediment samples. The best extraction and analysis methods were then applied to determine 16 PAHs in sea sediments from Ölüdeniz Lagoon, of Turkish Meditreanean coast and marine sediment, SRM 1941b. The highest observed cocentration for PAHs was 0.620 mg?kg–1 for Acenaphtene.Total sum of the concentrations for all the observed PAHs was1.854 mg?kg–1.
Hairy Cell Leukemia and Bladder Cancer in a Patient: Relation with Dye Exposure and Review of the Literaure
Semra Paydas
Advances in Hematology , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/812960
Abstract: Chemical exposure is important in the etiology of some cancers. Dye or solvent exposures are important both in bladder cancer (BC) and hairy cell leukemia (HCL). Here a case with BC and HCL has been presented and literature has been reviewed.
The Effects of Earthquakes on the Behavioral and Emotional Problems of Preschoolers
Semra Erkan
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This study relies on information obtained from mothers to examine how earthquakes affect the behaviors and emotional problems of preschool children with respect to gender and mother’s level of education. This is a descriptive study including a control group. The sample consists of a total of 482 children, 210 of whom were attending preschools in the Sultandagi (Afyon) earthquake zone (participants) and the remaining 272 were attending preschools in Ankara (control group). The study used the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 11/2 -5; (CBCL/11/2-5) and the Parent Demographic Information and Earthquake Experience Form to gather data. The data was then analyzed by using the Multivariate ANOVA (MANOVA) technique in line with the aim stated above. The results of statistical analyses revealed that children in the earthquake zone displayed more problem behaviors than those in the control group. With respect to gender, girls were found to have more problem behaviors than boys. Also, children of mothers with lower levels of education seemed to have more behavioral/emotional problems than children of mothers with higher education levels.
Anatomical and Pollen Characters in the Genus silene L. (Caryophyllaceae) from Turkey
Semra Kilic
Botany Research Journal , 2011,
Abstract: Anatomical and palynological features of Silene caramanica Boiss. and Heldr., S. sipylea O. Schwaz, S. montbretiana Boiss., S. dianthoides Pers., S. pharnaceifolia Fenzl., S. odontopetala Fenzl., S. urvillei Schott, S. nuncupanda Coode and Cullen collected from Turkey were examined and evaluated by numerical analysis in order to determine the taxonomic value of the observed internal peculiarities. Features related to pollen morphology (pollen shape and number of pore) and anatomical characters (idioblasts distribution, stomata index, stomata width and length, diameter of vascular bundle) were found to be important in separating the examined taxa. Principal compenent analysis of all characters showed that the anatomical and palynolological characters to be important in explanning the total variation among the examined taxa.
The Significance of Flow Cytometry in Breast Cancer
Semra Paydas
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 1992,
Abstract: [Archives Medical Review Journal 1992; 1(1.000): 31-40]
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The present work investigates the sound alternations in Turkish onomatopoeic reduplications and offers an analysis based on apophony, which is the label for context-free sound alternations. It questions whether Turkish onomatopoeic reduplication displays any regularity with respect to the vocalic changes observed in the forms. The study claims that context-free sound alternations in onomatopoeic reduplications are some form of apophony and follows the Apophonic path offered by Guerssel and Lowenstamm (1996). Turkish implements A→U alternation for both [a]-[u] and [e]-[ü] changes observed in onomatopoeic reduplications. Bu al ma Türk e yans ma ikilemelerdeki ses de i imlerini ara t rmakta ve ba lamdan ba ms z ses de i imlerini ifade etmek i in kullan lan alma ma temelli bir zümleme nermektedir. al ma Türk e yans ma ikilemelerinin bar nd rd klar ses de i meleri a s ndan bir e ilim sergileyip sergilemediklerini sorgulamaktad r. al mada, ba lamdan ba ms z olarak var olan ses de i imlerinin asl nda bir tür ses alma mas oldu u ve Guerssel & Lovenstamm (1996)’da nerilen Alma k rgü’yü takip etti i savunulmaktad r. Buna g re Türk e yans ma ikilemelerdeki [a]-[u] ve [e]-[ü] ünlü de i imleri Alma k rgü’deki A→U de i imine tabi olarak a klanabilmektedir.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: brahim Terzio lu is a researcher, who is known for his four peotry books Yürek Nefesi, Mavi Y ld z Bak rdan Tenler ve Bir Bulut Olsam, as well as his articles and essays regarding Turkish cultural history, Turkish world, architecture and urbanism. This paper mainly handles the life, literal personage, works of brahim Terzio lu, the researcher, the poet, and the author, and his last work “Ke i ren ehrengizi”. brahim Terzio lu, yay mlad Yürek Nefesi, Mavi Y ld z Bak rdan Tenler ve Bir Bulut Olsam adl d rt iir kitab n n yan nda Türk kültür tarihiyle, Türk dünyas yla, mimarl k ve ehircilikle ilgili makale ve deneme türündeki yaz lar yla da tan nan bir ara t rmac d r.Bu makale esas itibar yla ara t rmac , air, yazar brahim Terzio lu’nun hayat n , edeb ki ili ini, al malar n ve onun son eseri ”Ke i ren ehrengizi”ni konu almaktad r.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The morpheme (/-mA-/ and its derivations) and the aorist morpheme (/-°r / /-z / /-s / /- /), as used in the negative forms of the verbs in Turkish, have usually been considered together as the “negative morpheme of aorist” in the Turkish grammar books and other related works in literature. Yet, /-mA-/ and its derivations, and /-z+/ and its derivations are two separate particles, the former being used for negation category of the verbs, and the latter being used for the formation of the aorist of the verbs under the negation category. This article considers the particles (signed and unsigned morphemes) as used in the aorist formations of the positive and negative verbs in the historical and modern Turkish dialects; and emphasizes that the aorist morpheme of the negative verbs in Turkey’s Turkish is not /-mAz+/; but it is /- +/ for the first singular and plural pronouns; and /-z+/ for other pronouns. Türk e dil bilgisi kitaplar nda ve konuyla ilgili di er al malarda Türk ede fiillerin olumsuz ekillerinin yap m nda kullan lan bi imbirim (/-mA-/ ve türevleri) ile geni zaman bi imbirimi (/-°r / /-z / /-s / /- /) genelde birlikte “geni zaman n olumsuzluk bi imbirimi” olarak de erlendirilmi tir. Oysa /-mA-/ ve türevleri, fiillerin olumsuzluk kategorisinin; /-z / ve türevleri ise, olumsuzluk kategorisindeki fiillerin geni zaman n n yap m nda kullan lan iki ayr g revli dil gesidir. Bu makalede tarih ve a da Türk leh elerindeki olumlu ve olumsuz fiillerin geni zamanlar n n ekimlerinde kullan lan g revli dil geleri (i aretli ve i aretsiz bi imbirimler) üzerinde durulmakta; Türkiye Türk esinde olumsuz fiillerin geni zaman bi imbirimlerinin /-mAz / de il; I. teklik ve I. okluk ah slar i in: /- /; di er ah slar i inse: /-z / oldu u vurgulanmaktad r.

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