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Interaction relationship between international carbon future price and domestic carbon price

邹绍辉,<br>ZOU Shao-hui, ZHANG Tian
- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2017.643
Abstract: 摘要: 碳排量的快速增加带来了严重的环境问题,并制约着经济社会的可持续发展。利用市场机制实现减排已经成为主要的碳排放控制路径。随着国内外碳市场的不断发展,国外碳期货市场必然影响国内碳现货市场的价格形成机制,进而两者的具体互动关系对于投资者理性投资和风险规避尤为重要。选取2013年12月至2017年10月之间的国际碳期货价格和国内碳价日交易数据,综合运用协整检验和Granger因果检验,在检验的基础上构建向量自回归(vector autoregression, VAR)模型,并用脉冲响应函数及方差分解法解析国际碳期货价格和国内碳价相互影响程度。研究结果表明:国际碳期货价格与国内碳价之间存在着长期的稳定关系,呈现出明显的单向因果关系;国内碳市场缺乏定价能力,因此其对国际碳期货市场影响较弱,处于被动地位。
Abstract: The rapid increase of carbon emissions has brought serious environmental problems and restricted the sustainable development of the economy and society. The use of market mechanism to achieve emission reduction has become the main control path of carbon emissions. With the continuous development of carbon market at home and abroad, foreign carbon futures market will inevitably affect the price formation mechanism of the domestic carbon spot market, and the specific interaction between them is of great importance for rational investment and risk aversion. We selected the data between December 2013 and October 2017 from the international carbon futures price and the domestic price of carbon, VAR model is constructed on the basis of cointegration and Granger causality test, and use the impulse response function and variance decomposition to analyze the mutual influence between the international carbon futures price and domestic carbon price. The results show that there is a long-term stable relationship between international carbon futures price and domestic carbon price, showing a significant one-way causality. Due to the lacks of pricing power, the domestic carbon market has a weak influence on the international carbon futures market and is in a passive position
Effect of Different Water Treatments on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Cucumber Plants Growing in Solar Greenhouse

WANG Shao-Hui ZHANG Fu-Man,<br>王绍辉,福墁
植物学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 研究了不同土壤含水量对不同栽培茬口(冬春茬、秋冬茬)的日光温室黄瓜叶片的光合速率、气孔阻力、气孔结构特性及叶绿体超微结构的影响。结果表明:随着土壤含水量的降低,单位黄瓜叶片面积气孔密度增加,气孔阻力上升,光合速率下降;叶绿体超微结构观察表明:土壤含水量的减少明显地降低叶片细胞的叶绿体数目及每个叶绿休内的淀粉粒数。不同茬口的黄瓜其上述特性变化规律相似。
Effect of mulch and shade on physiological and biological characteristics of ginger growing in field

WANG Shao-Hui,ZHANG Zhen-Xian,<br>王绍辉,振贤
中国生态农业学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 2年试验结果表明,秸秆覆盖与遮荫均可提高土壤含水量2.4%-4.0%,降低土壤温度2.1-3.3℃。与遮荫相比,秸秆覆盖后植株高度变矮,叶片繁茂,茎秆粗壮,分枝数多,产量增加5%-14%,气孔密度、叶片厚度、气孔开张度较大;遮荫后叶绿素含量增加,硝酸还原酶活性、琥珀酸还原酶活性及产量均下降。
Modeling man-land tensity of Chinabased on 1km grid data

WANG Li-ming,ZHANG Shao-hui,ZHANG Da-quan,<br>王黎明,少辉,张大泉
地理研究 , 2007,
Abstract: Man-land tensity,a value that quantitatively indicates the tension between human activity and physical environment,can be calculated by function with human pressure on the physical environment and environment carrying capacity to the human activity.A man-land tensity model is put forward in this paper through three steps.Firstly,the Environment Carrying Capacity Model(EC) is built by using the idea of Land Carrying Capacity Model and Ecological Footprint Model for reference.EC comes from the physical capacity normalized by Equivalence Factor and Yield Factor,and modified by human factors of city distribution and transport network density.Secondly,integrating production and consumption,the Human Activity Pressure Model(MP) is set up with 1 km population and GDP data.Thirdly,the Man-Land Tensity Model(MLT) is constructed based on EC and MP at 1km grid data platform.Compared with the previous research based on administrative region,1km grid is smaller on grain size and it can present the more detailed areal differentiation.The result shows that,the high-value of man-land tensity has a spot-shaped or belt-shaped distribution at cities or their suburbs or along the main economic axes,where the human activity is intense.The highest value area appears in the Pearl River Delta,the Yangtze River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region.The middle-value zones are distributed in North China Plain,the Two-Lake Plain(in Central China),Sichuan Basin,etc.The ecological environment is fragile in West China,where the human activity exists mainly in cities and the farming-pastoral zones,and here are distributed the high-value zones of man-land tensity.
MODIS and SPOT Images Fusion Based on the Intensity Correlation Moment

CHEN Shao-hui,ZHANG Qiu-wen,WANG Cheng,ZHOU Jian-zhong,<br>陈少辉,秋文,王乘,周建中
遥感学报 , 2006,
Abstract: In recent years,many methods for fusing panchromatic and simultaneously multispectral(SM) images have been developed,however,there is little work concerning the fusion of images with significantly different spectral properties and pixel spacings though existing techniques either cannot avoid distorting their spectral characteristics or introduce artifacts.As an application of the Intensity Hue Saturation(IHS) transform and the orthogonal wavelet decomposition(OWD) in order to enhance the spatial resolution of MODIS images,intensity correlation moment model(ICMM) has been proposed based on mean and the standard deviation of both the intensity component obtained by averaging three MODIS images and the approximate component of the SPOT image decomposed with an orthogonal wavelet basis to produce one new intensity component while minimizing the degree of resampling.This system uses a self-adaptive correlation response to determine that how much the corresponding wavelet coefficients contribute to the dominant features for accurately transferring visually chromatic emergent information from any number of the input images into a single fused image.Subsequently,the high spatial resolution MODIS images are achieved through reconstructing the fused OWD coefficients by using the modulated MODIS images obtained through an inverse IHS as the approximate component and the details of the SPOT image as high frequencies.By using the ICMM as fusion rule,texture and pattern details coming from the SPOT image can be modulated to MODIS images without altering their spectral properties and contrast because fusion in the correlation response domain significantly improves the reliability of the feature selection and information fusion process.This technique can be applied to improve spatial resolution for either colour composite or individual bands.By an image fusion experiment using MODIS and SPOT images of Dapeng bay area of Shenzhen,China,the visual evaluation and statistical analysis between the original MODIS images and the fused MODIS images confirm that ICMM overcomes the preservation tradeoff and can achieve better performance in terms of both preserving spectral information and improving spatial resolution of SM images.Finally,the influence of the decomposition levels on the result is also discussed.
Treatment of Drilling Wastewater Correlated with Three-sulfonated Mud System by Coagulation-Ozone Oxidation Process

ZHANG Hong-yan,LU Rong-hu,GUO Shao-hui,<br>红岩,吕荣湖,郭绍辉
过程工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 三磺泥浆体系钻井废水经混凝处理后的出水化学需氧量(Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD)值稳定在350~600 mg/L,水中残留的COD物质可絮凝性很差.对水中残留COD物质的主要来源进行了初步的分析.采用混凝-臭氧氧化法处理三磺泥浆体系钻井废水,在6000 mg/L石灰和2000 mg/L硫酸亚铁(FeSO4)的混凝作用下,COD的脱除率为77.2%;对混凝出水采用臭氧氧化法处理,随初始pH值的升高,臭氧氧化效果增强,随COD值降低,臭氧指数(Ozone Index, OI)显著增大;在pH值为12.5下氧化5 min, COD的氧化去除率达81.2%;混凝-臭氧氧化法两步反应的COD总去除率为95.7%,出水无色,COD<100 mg/L,达到了排放标准.
Fusing MODIS and SPOT Images Based on Self-adaptive Weighting

CHEN Shao-hui,ZHANG Qiu-wen,WANG Cheng,ZHOU Jian-zhong,<br>陈少辉,秋文,王乘,周建中
中国图象图形学报 , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper,a fusion algorithm for enhancing the spatial resolution of MODIS images is proposed,based on the joint use of IHS representation and orthogonal wavelet decomposition(OWD).The basic idea consists of following steps represent the MODIS images in the IHS space,substitute the I with the high resolution intensity component obtained from the fusion with the approximate component of the SPOT image through an intensity correlation comment model based on the self-adaptively weighting(SCMM).Finally,three high-resolution MODIS images are achieved through an inverse OWD by using the three modulated MODIS images obtained by an inverse IHS transform as the approximate component and the details of the SPOT image as the high frequencies.Experiments confirm that the proposed algorithm can achieve better performance in terms of both preserving the spectral information and improving the spatial resolution of MODIS images visually and statistically.
Structure features of the supercritical fluid extraction and fraction tailing of Dagang vacuum residue

ZHANG Zhan-gang,GUO Shao-hui,ZHAO Suo-qi,MU Tong,<br>占纲,郭绍辉,赵锁奇,牟 彤
燃料化学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 通过超临界萃取方法对大港减压渣油进行深度窄馏分切割,利用钌离子催化氧化(RICO)对其抽余残渣进行选择性降解,对降解生成的混合物进行分离,其中非挥发性羧酸进行甲酯化处理,挥发性羧酸进行苯甲酰甲酯化,最后分别利用GC—MS等方法进行定性定量分析。结果表明,大港减压渣油超临界萃取萃余残渣分子中含有大量与芳环相连的正构烷基侧链和桥接芳环的聚亚甲基链,芳环的缩合程度小于利用结构族组成等分析方法分析大港减压渣油沥青质得到的结果。大港减压渣油超临界萃取萃余残渣的共价结构信息可对该原料的加工和优化利用提供指导。
Preparation of natural gas adsorbents under low activation ratio:Enhancing storage capacity by using promoters
低活化比制备天然气吸附剂: 活化助剂提高吸附剂性能

ZHANG Huai-hao,CHEN Jin-fu,GUO Shao-hui,ZHAO Jing,<br>淮浩,陈进富,郭绍辉,赵静
燃料化学学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The natural gas adsorbents were prepared with KOH as activation agent and petroleum coke as feed under low activation ratio mKOH/mc of 2.The influences of promoters like KNO3,NaNO3,Mg(NO3)2,Ni(NO3)2 and HJ on the methane storage performance of the adsorbents were investigated.The mechanism for the enhancement in the adsorbent capacity by using promoter was analyzed in detail.The results show that the adsorbents with good storage performance can be obtained by adding suitable amounts of KNO3,Mg(NO3)2,Ni(NO3)...
Factors Influencing Seed Germination of Oplopanax elatus Nakai

LIU Ji-Sheng ZHANG Peng SHEN Hai-Long ZHANG Yu FAN Shao-Hui,<br>刘继生,,沈海龙,,范少辉
植物学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper describes factors in seed germination of Oplopanax elatus Nakai. The water permeability of seeds was good enough to support seed germination. The water extracts of the seed coat and endosperm had some germination inhibitors, and the inhibitory effect of the extracts from endosperm was stronger than that from the seed coat. The embryos were not fully differentiated (in the cardioid stage) and were in deep dormancy when seeds matured. The seeds must be stratified under warm conditions to complete differentiation and development of the embryos, then under cold conditions to complete the physiological ripeness. The development of embryos in different seeds within a seed lot were not synchronous. By changing the temperature stratification for 7 months, only a few seeds were able to germinate, but after 17 months, most of the seeds were able to germinate. Influenced by annual climate conditions, the yield and germination rate of seeds collected in different years varies greatly. The seeds can be stored for a long time; the germination ability of seeds stored for 2 years was still high.
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