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物理学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The post-Newtonian approximation in general relativity will be used to estimate gravity for the jovian system and the comet shoemaker-Levy 9 that collided with Jupiter. We calculate and discuss the post-Newtonian corrections to the gravity of Jupiter and precessions of its satellites, which are compared with the Earth-Moon system.
Inquiry about the exact interior solution to Einstein field equation for a perfe ct fluid sphere

Zhong Ming-Qian,<br>
物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: When the density of a static spherically symmetric perfect fluid is a function of the radial coordinate, the Oppenheimer-Volkoff (OV) equation turns into a Riccati equation- If a particular solution of the OV equation is given, it can be transformed into an integrable Bernoulli equation, we can obtain a general exact solution and an other particular solution of the OV equation- Further more, the exact interior solutions of Einstein field equation for the perfect fluid sphere are also obtained, i-e- the analytical expressions of the metric compone nts-
Research on Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Runoff Distribution Based on Cloud Model in West River Basin

, 祁添垚
Journal of Water Resources Research (JWRR) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/JWRR.2014.31003
Abstract: 流域径流量是兼具随机性和规律性的重要气象水文要素之一。为了阐明西江流域径流分布的不确定性,本文将云模型引入到径流季节分布特性、年际分布特性和空间分布特性研究中,并对西江流域1956~2000年间21个水文站的逐月径流资料进行了分析研究。研究结果表明:西江流域的径流量在夏季最充沛,在冬季最少;径流量在冬季最为稳定,春季次之;与不同季节径流分布特性相比,流域径流量的年际分布的不均匀性较大;与径流量在时间尺度上的分布特性相比,流域径流量在空间上的分布具有较大的不均匀性和不稳定性。通过期望、熵、超熵三个数字特征对径流时空分布的不确定性进行量化,可全面直观地研究径流量的分布特性。
Runoff is one of the most important hydrological and meteorological factors with randomness and regularity. In order to illustrate the uncertainty of runoff in the West River Basin, based on the monthly ob- servation data of 21 hydrological stations form 1956-2000, cloud model is used in characteristics analysis of seasonal runoff distribution, annual runoff distribution and spatial runoff distribution. Results showed: runoff is the most in summer, and the least in winter; in winter, runoff presents the best stability, then in spring; compared with the seasonal runoff distribution, annual runoff distribution is more uncertainty; compared with the temporal runoff distribution, spatial runoff distribution is more unstable and with more uncertainty. Un- certainty in temporal and spatial runoff distribution is quantified by the numerical characteristic index of cloud model, which makes the characteristics analysis more comprehensive and intuitive.

中国中医药信息杂志 , 2004,
Nutrients transfer for host plant and litter decompositon by AMF in Karst soil

HE Yuejun,ZHONG Zhangcheng,DONG Ming,<br>何跃军,章成,
生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to explore the nutrient utilization mechanisms of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi(AMF) in Karst soil,Cinnamomum camphora seedlings were inoculated with Glomus etunicatum and fertilized with nitrogen in compartment equipment of microcosms separated by double 20μm-nylon mesh or 0.45μm-nylon mesh.Lolium perenne litter labelled isotope of 15N as organic residue were put into soil of compartments.Some indexes,which are traits of seedlings growth,nitrogen and phosphors uptake,δ15N value,micro-biomass carbon,micro-biomass nitrogen,hyphae length in soil,were measured after 15 weeks.The results indicated that: the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis of Glomus etunicatum can have saprotrophic capability and it enhanced soil litter decomposition and taked up the 15N from the adjoining compartment to supply for the host plants;Cinnamomum camphora seedlings gived priority to the use of nutrient in the rhizosphere.Under low nitrogen status,the Cinnamomum camphora utilized more 15N which was released from the decomposed litter in the adjoining coompartment.Additional nitrogen of rhizosphere increased litter decomposition by AMF in the compartment,but reduced the utilization of organic nitrogen from litter by the seedlings.The plants were able to increase the uptake of nitrogen and phosphors in the rhizosphere under high nitrogen condition.The content of mic-biomass carbon and nitrogen and the hyphae length were enhanced under the high nutrient conditions.
New method of generating phase quality map for InSAR

ZHONG Heping,TANG Jinsong,CHEN Ming,<br>何平,唐劲松,
遥感学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 针对传统质量图易受干涉条纹宽度影响,及其在真实相位差等于2kπ的陡峭区域的低识别能力,提出了一种依靠法向量一致性来度量相位质量的方法。在3×3的缠绕相位窗口中,以中心点为参考点,进行局部相位解缠。解缠后,中心点与每对窗口边界上的相邻点构成8个三角形,将8个三角形的单位法向量合成后的法向量作为局部解缠相位平面的法向量,8个三角形的法向量与合成法向量之间的夹角和作为中心点的相位质量。对仿真数据和真实InSAR干涉纹图的处理结果表明:在质量引导算法中,新质量图比传统质量图具有更精确的路径引导能力。
Analysis on thermal effect of laser-diode array end-pumped composite rod laser by finite element method

Liu Quan-Xi,Zhong Ming,<br>刘全喜,
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A numerical model of the rod laser medium pumped by laser-diode array (LDA) end is set up. Considering the influence of temperature correlation of the thermodynamic parameters of the material and heat transfer coefficient between air and medium, using the thermal conduction equations and the thermal-elastic equations, the transient distributions of temperature and thermal stress and strain in the composite rod medium and un-composite rod medium are calculated by the finite element analysis method. The effects of pump power and heat transfer coefficient and time on transient distributions of temperature and thermal stress and strain in the medium are analyzed. The results indicate that the positions of maximal temperature maximal tensile stress and maximal axial strain of the composite rod are different from those of the un-composite rod. And the maximal temperature, maximal tensile stress and maximal axial strain of the composite rod are respectively 73 per cent, 60 per cemt, and 33 per cent of the corresponding values of the un-composite rod. It is obvious that the thermal effect of the composite rod is greatly reduced. The theoretical results provide theoretical reference for the design of solid laser pumped by LDA and experimental study.
An Improved CMAC Neural Network Algorithm

Liu Hui,Xu Xiaoming,Zhang Zhongjun,<br>刘慧,许晓,
自动化学报 , 1997,
Abstract: The basic principle of CMAC (Cerebelllar Model Articulation Controller) is introduced. Based on a detail analysis of Albus algorithm , the paper points out its drawback in batch learning. An improved algorithm is proposed and theoretical proofs are also given. Simulation results show that the improved method has higher speed and better convergence than the original.
Influence of media size on operational stability of UBAF

Lu Shaoming,Zhong Gaohui,<br>陆少,高辉
环境工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Up biological aerated filter(UBAF) was applied for the treatment of source water in Liuwuzhou.Effect of media size on the variation of head loss as well as the removal efficiency of NH3-N and CODMn was evaluated.The results showed that UBAF with media size between 3 and 5 mm was suitable for the removal of NH3-N and CODMn.However,because of the great head loss which also varied significantly before and after back wash,this media size was not favorable for UBAF operation.UBAF with media size between 6 and 10 mm made good performance,and the removal efficiencies of CODMn and NH3-N were 73.8% and 18.6%,respectively,which meet the requirement of the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water(GB5749-2006).The head loss was low(below 0.4 m) after operating for 24 h.And the variation of head loss before and after back wash was minimal(below 5 cm).Additional test demonstrated that media broken might result in the change of size gradation and the head loss increased subsequently.
Markov Chain Model of Syscall-based Intrusion Detection

ZHONG An-ming,JIA Chun-fu,<br>,贾春福
计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: Presents a Markov chain based method to characterize process based on syscall sequences for intrusion detection,and demonstrates its feasibility and validity through experiments. Our experiment results reveal better intrusion detection per-formance of the first-order Markov Model than that of the second-order Markov model.
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