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The data processing method to plotting in the longitudinal direction for three-dimension post-stack seismic data

YUAN Yi-jun,WU Zi-quan,<br>,吴子泉
地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: In the three-dimension seismic data processing, displaying the post-stack seismic data of adjacent lines in the longitudinal direction may save plotting paper and reduce processing cost. The paper presents the seismic data processing method to create 3D seismic plotting data which can be displayed in the longitudinal direction. The method introduces that the drawing data set can be created by separating 3D post-stack data set, prolonging data record lengths, modifying the line number and merging 3D post-stack data set. Through real plotting, post-stack seismic sections of different lines may be displayed in the longitudinal direction. Therefore the processing method saves paper greatly and reduces processing cost.
Inversion Method Based on Highresolution Waveform and Its Application on Predicting Sweet Spots: An Example from Shale Gas Reservoirs in Jiaoshiba Area of Sichuan Basin

郭鹏,,刘喜武,张远银,吴学敏,李鸿,<br>GUO Peng,YUAN Yijun, LIU Xiwu,ZHANG Yuanyin,WU Xuemin,LI Hong
- , 2018,
Abstract: 摘要: 针对常规叠后稀疏脉冲反演方法分辨率不足,以及传统叠后地质统计学反演方法缺乏横向地质意义的局限,应用基于高分辨率波形指示反演方法刻画了四川盆地焦石坝地区龙马溪组页岩薄储层段波阻抗剖面展布及其优质页岩储层段时间域厚度平面展布情况。通过对焦石坝地区龙马溪组页岩薄储层段波阻抗剖面展布进行“盲井”检测,与常规叠后稀疏脉冲反演方法的刻画精度相比,高分辨率波形指示反演方法计算结果的刻画精度提高了一倍。进一步应用高分辨率波形指示反演方法模拟了焦石坝地区龙马溪组页岩薄储层段有机碳含量(TOC)剖面展布,为后期页岩储层精细评价以及“甜点”预测奠定了基础。
Abstract: The resolution of the conventional poststack sparse pulse inversion method is low, and the traditional geostatistical inversion method also lacks the lateral geological significance. For these limitations, this paper proposed an inversion method based on highresolution waveforms. This inversion method was employed to portray the distribution profile of wave impedance of the thin shale reservoir on Longmaxi Formation in Jiaoshiba area of Sichuan Basin, and to describe the plane distribution profile of thickness of high quality shale reservoirs in time domain. In the performance for randomwell detection on the distribution profile of wave impedance in target reservoirs, the accuracy of this method had doubled comparing with the conventional poststack sparse pulse inversion method. This inversion method was further applied to simulate the distribution profile of TOC in the target reservoir, and the results laid a foundation for the later ‘sweet spots’ evaluation and fine evaluation of shale reservoirs
A Link Stability-Based Intersatellite Link Design Strategy for LEO/MEO Two-Layered Satellite Networks

Yuan Zhe,Zhang Jun,Liu Chong-kan,<br>,,柳重堪
电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Dynamic network topology, long transport delay and interferences from outer space make the intersatellite communications unstable. In this paper, a link stability model of satellite networks is presented. Based on this model, an intersatellite link design strategy is introduced for a LEO/MEO satellite network. The simulation results show that the link stability model is applicable to different performance requirements of satellite networks.
The Evaluation Model of Emergency Material Supplying Capability Based on ANP

,,冯耕中<br>ZHANG Yuanqiu,TIAN Jun ,FENG Gengzhong
- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要 从应急物资供应管理的流程视角,针对关键过程环节,分析和筛选关键影响因素,通过提炼和约简,析出评价指标,建立应急物资供应能力评价指标体系。在此基础上,设计了基于网络层次分析法的综合评价模型,研究了评价矩阵和权重参数的获取方法和途径,建立了具有通用性的应急物资供应能力评价方法体系。最后,进一步结合陕西省政府应急物资供应能力评价进行了实证研究和实验分析,提出了具有针对性的管理建议
A novel microstructure for in-situ measurement of residual stress in micromechanical thin films

Yu Yi-Ting,Yuan Wei-Zheng,Qiao Da-Yong,Liang Qing,<br>虞,伟政,乔大勇,梁庆
物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A novel microstructure for in-situ measuring residual stress in micromechanical thin films by the method of critical buckling observation was proposed and two different samples were fabricated using surface micromachining technique. The experimental apparatus was built for in-situ observation of critical buckling patterns of these microstructures during sacrificial layer etching. Then, the states of residual stresses can be distinguished directly by the buckling patterns and the magnitudes can be estimated with finite element method (FEM) when the values of critical etching length have been measured. Before the measurement, effects of various parameters on the critical buckling stress were investigated in detail with FEM in advance. After that, measurements of residual stresses using the new microstructures were carried out and the results were in good agreement with that obtained from micro rotating structures. It is consequently revealed that measurement of residual stresses by this new microstructure has evident advantages over the conventional buckling observation methods. Both compressive and tensile residual stresses in wide ranges of amplitude can be measured, just using a single appropriately designed microstructure. Therefore, the usefulness of layout space can be greatly improved.
Business Production Planning Models Based on Dynamic Prediction

ZHU Ke,|jun,KUANG Yi,|jun,<br>诸克,
系统工程理论与实践 , 2003,
Abstract: In a static environment, the decision making of production plan mainly comes from demand prediction of the market. Nevertheless, if in a dynamic environment, as prediction information itself is constantly changing and prediction value is continuously varying, how can we transform dynamic forecasting information(prediction modifying amount) into production plan? To research the dynamic change of demand information into production plan and timely renewal of demand information has great value in theory and practice.
科技进步与对策 , 2000,
Abstract: 对沈阳市信息产业的现状、布局进行了统计分析,并对沈阳市信息产业未来发展的态势和不足作了较为详尽的剖析。信息工程信息技术信息技术产业
Several Common Problems Involved in Agricultural Heritage Conservation Practice

- , 2016,
Abstract: 通过近十年的努力,中国的农业文化遗产保护已经取得了不小的成绩,但存在的问题也是明显的。这些问题集中体现在传统农业耕作技艺的传承、传统农作物品种的保护、传统农业生产制度的坚守、传统农耕信仰的维系、遗产地生态环境的治理以及传统农耕技艺人才的培养等几个方面。这些问题不解决,就会直接影响到中国重要农业文化遗产的保护与传承。
Through the great efforts for over ten years, China's agricultural heritage protection has achieved a huge improvement, however, many obvious problem still existed. All these problems are concentrated in areas including traditional farming techniques heritage, traditional crop varieties protection, sticking to traditional agricultural production systems, maintaining aspects of traditional farming beliefs, governance ecological heritage and cultivating traditional farming techniques. Authors considered all these problems above had direct affection on the protection and inheritance of China's important agricultural heritage.
Current Review on Genetic Transformation of Soybean(Glycine max L.)

ZHOU Yan-Qing~,<br>周延清,王娜,,贾敬芬,孟祥春
植物科学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: This paper reviewed various transformation systems and their advantages and limitations, research and production results of transgenic soybean and its biosafety assessment. Moreover, current problems and their solutions as well as future prospects in soybean transformation were discussed.
Effects of Wave Plate on Nonlinear Errors in Polarization Laser Interferometer

YANG Jun,LIU Zhi-hai,YUAN Li-bo,<br>杨,刘志海,立波
光子学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 利用琼斯矩阵理论,研究了基于偏振移相技术的激光干涉仪中1/4 波片和 1/2 波片的非理想因素导致非线性误差的产生机理和变化规律.理论研究表明:在导致波片处于非理想状态的各个因素中,干涉仪中两个1/4 波片的差模延迟角误差△εq 所产生的恒定偏置误差和接收装置中 1/4波片的延迟角误差εq3所引起的一次谐波非线性误差,是组成干涉仪非线性误差的最主要的两个部分;波片各种误差源非理想因素导致的非线性误差在小误差情况下经线性叠加后由干涉仪最终输出.
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