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Kong Xiangpeng,Liu Guobin,Liao Shaoming,<br>,刘国彬,廖少明
岩石力学与工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: With the development of urban metro,there will be more and more interchange connections. The construction of transverse station will influence the old stations structure inevitably,and cause the risk during the construction. The problem is analysed by three dimensional FEM,and the regular and valuable conclusions are drawn for the influence of construction of Shanghai stadium transverse station of pearl line phase II on the station of metro line No.1.
Enhanced fluoride removal from aqueous solution by mixed oxides derived from Mg/Al/Fe hydrotalcite

Kong Chuipeng,Nie Yulun,Hu Chun,<br>,聂玉伦,胡春
环境工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In this study, Mg/Al/Fe hydrotalcites (MAF) with different iron content were prepared by hydrothermal method. Based on the characterization of XRD, there existed a suitable iron ratio and the layer structure would be destroyed with excessive iron. The morphology and property of the mixed oxides derived from MAF (CMAF) were characterized by SEM and BET. The adsorption of fluoride on CMAF was also investigated. In comparison with CMA (iron content was 0), CMAF exhibited a higher efficiency toward fluoride removal (the maximum adsorption capacity is 75.2 mg/g). Langmuir isotherm was found more suitable to describe the adsorption process. Moreover, the structure of CMAF shifted to layer structure after fluoride adsorption. The result indicates that fluoride has intercalated the layer structure of hydrotalcite, leading to higher efficiency of fluoride removal.
Control of chaos solely based on RBF neural network without an analytical model

Liu Ding,Ren Hai-Peng,Kong Zhi-Qiang,<br>刘 丁,任海,志强
物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: An intelligent control method based on RBF neural network is proposed for chaos control- The control objective can be either periodic orbits or continuous variable functions without the need of an analytic model- The method is still effective when there are parameter perturbation and measurement noise- The influence of the RBF model error upon control precision is studied, and related theorem is developed and testified- Simulation results with a Logistic mapping and Henon attractor show the effectiveness and feasibility of this method-
The research of the air-sensitive sensor based on thephotonic crystal beam splitter

Kong Yan-Mei,Gao Chao-Qun,Jing Yu-Peng,Chen Da-Peng,<br>延梅,高超群,景玉,陈大
物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: The spectroscopy is the ultimate way for chemical analysis. This paper mainly describes the idea of an air-sensitive sensor based on MEMS technology, and more over, a photonic crystal (PC) beam splitter was designed, which can achieve high resolution beam steering, and this improves the resolution of the sensor. The paper offers a new idea and lays the foundation for the novel beam splitter that applied to many optical systems.
动物学研究 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1141.2012.06557
Abstract: 肿瘤细胞的快速增殖是一个极其耗能的过程,尽管如此,肿瘤细胞即便在有氧条件下也主要以糖酵解获取能量(有氧糖酵解),这是肿瘤细胞的显著特征之一.这种产能方式转变导致肿瘤细胞内部发生一系列生理变化,为其快速增殖提供能量物质和用于新细胞合成所需的生物大分子,同时为有效适应肿瘤微环境改变奠定基础.该文通过介绍能量代谢相关基因变异研究进展,基于分子进化视角探讨肿瘤细胞中相关基因可能存在的适应性进化遗传印记,为诠释肿瘤细胞能量代谢方式发生转变的可能机制提供新的视角和证据.
Data Provenance on Semantic Web Based on PROV

赵彦, 戴超凡, 倪静, 令梅
Computer Science and Application (CSA) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/CSA.2015.55018
It is a research hotspot about how to establish a general rule of exchanging and sharing provenance information in heterogeneous systems. In this paper, we introduced the concept and usage of PROV, and put forward an idea about how to set up data provenance conceptual model and describe provenance information in ontology language. Finally, we established a scenario to test and verify the practical applicability and discussed the future direction in this field.
Relationship between bacterioplankton and phytoplankton community dynamics during late spring and early summer in Lake Taihu

XING Peng,KONG Fan-Xiang,CAO Huan-Sheng,ZHANG Min,<br>邢,繁翔,曹焕生,张民
生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The relationship between bacterioplankton and phytoplankton community composition was investigated from April to June, 2005 with samples taken at five different stations in Lake Taihu. Bacterioplankton and phytoplankton community composition as determined by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis of polymerase chain reaction amplified bacterial 16S rRNA gene fragments (PCR-DGGE) and microscopic examination respectively, revealed a high degree of diversity. In total, 43 unique bands were identified among those DGGE profiles, and 29 dominant phytoplankton populations were observed. The DGGE profiles were clustered into two distinct groups. These two clusters were closely associated with two dominant phytoplankton, Ulothrix sp. and Microcystis spp. as observed on April 19th and on May 27th and June 27th, respectively. The relationship between bacterioplankton and phytoplankton community composition was investigated using Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) with Shannon-Wiener diversity index of phytoplankton community (Hp), total cell abundance of phytoplankton (N), and the relative abundance of Microcystis spp. (M) as the variables. The CCA results indicated a 30.9% correlation coefficient suggesting a high degree of correlation between bacterioplankton community composition and the phytoplankton community.
Experimental investigation on the formation of stripe pattern in flowing argon discharge system

Li Xue-Chen,Liu Run-Fu,Jia Peng-Ying,Kong Liu-Qing,<br>李雪辰,刘润甫,,柳青
物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Stable stripe pattern is observed in flowing argon at atmospheric pressure by using a dielectric barrier discharge device with two transparent water electrodes. Based on the photography and the electrical measurement, the formation mechanism of stripe is investigated. Results show that a stripe pattern can be obtained at a lower peak value of the applied voltage in flowing argon, and the discharge turns homogeneous at a higher voltage. Results show that the formation of stripe pattern results from the movement of discharge filament in the direction of gas flow. The moving velocity of filaments almost keeps constant during the voltage varying. However, the moving velocity increases with the increase of gas flow rate. The memory effect of active particles in the discharge space is very important for the formation of stripe pattern. Furthermore, the electric characteristics of discharge are studied in flowing gas in this paper. It is found that both the discharge current and the gas inception voltage decrease with the increase of the gas flow rate. A qualitative explanation is given for this experimental phenomenon. These results are of great importance for the research of pattern formation dynamics and industrial applications of dielectric barrier discharge.
Energy minimization control for a discrete chaotic system

Liu Ding,Qian Fu-Cai,Ren Hai-Peng,Kong Zhi-Qiang,<br>刘 丁,钱富才,任海,志强
物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: A general framework algorithm is proposed for energy minimization control for a discrete chaotic system. A quadratic performance function is first given and the chaotic system is decomposed into a linear and a nonlinear parts. Then, the two-level algorithm is presented to solve the nonlinear optimal control problem: The first level predicates the nonlinear part of the chaos system; the second level solves a nonlinear quadratic optimization control problem by dynamic programming. The solution is fed back into the first level. The first level re-estimates the nonlinear part according to the solution from the second level. The information has been exchanged between the two levels by this means such that the optimal control law is obtained eventually. This method not only can make the control of chaos system be realized but also makes the energy consumed minimal during the whole control process.Simulations show the effectiveness of this algorithms.
Genetic Diversity of Eukarytic Microplankton in Different Areas of Lake Taihu

CHEN Mei-jun,KONG Fan-xiang,CHEN Fei-zhou,XING Peng,<br>陈美军,繁翔,陈非洲,
环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The methods of DGGE and cloning/sequencing were used to study the diversity and community structures of small planktons (0.8 - 20 microm) in different areas of Lake Taihu. DGGE indicated that there were markly various fingerprints in different areas and the diversities were higher in areas with low trophic status than those with relatively high trophic status. There were 23, 24 DGGE bands in East Taihu and Gonghu Bay, respectively (Shannon index were 3.135 and 3.178) and 18 bands in both Meiliang Bay and Wuli Bay (Both shannon index were 2.890). The result of cloning/sequencing indicated that there was a high diversity of small planktons in Lake Taihu and most of them phototrophic flagellate, heterotrophic flagellate, ciliate and fungi. There were various community structures in the three different clone libraries. In Meilang Bay, 28.6% OTUs(operational taxonomic unit)belonged to heterotrophic flagellate, followed by Cryptophyta (22.9%) and Chrysophyta (14.3%). In Central Lake, 25.7% OTUs belonged to Chrysophyta, followed by heterotrophic flagellate (20.0%) and Cryptophyta (14.3 %). In East Taihu, ciliates were the dominant group and only a few heterotrophic flagellates (40.9%) were detected. In addition, fungi were relatively abundant (12.2%) in this area.
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