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A credibilidade do testemunho da crian?a vítima de abuso sexual no contexto judiciário

DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932012000100017

Keywords: child abuse, forense psychology, interpessoal communication, social representation.

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sexual violence against children is not an uncommon event, however there is the difficulty of denunciation, for, besides the establishment of the domination relatios that the abuser has on the victim, the way it is received by society and is forwarded by the institution judicial officers is also decisive for the omissions. inserted in the world of interrogations, the child often causes confusion to deny what was said before, reinforcing the possible prejudices against him/her. this work contains the analysis of the relationship between children and the judicial institution, with main focus in the communication and reporting system of sexual crimes against children and the consequent professional interventions that seek to validate or not their testimony. to this end, 51 lawsuits were surveyed, of which two cases were selected. this work shows the possibility of preserving the child’s victimization caused by the multiplicity of interrogation without failing to meet the legal standards required. the fragility of the child’s word is in the way it is received by adults, since the revelation to the family up to the denunciation to the official agencies, what reveals the urgency of changes in the judicial proceedings related to this issue.


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