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Métodos de sele??o de pessoal: discuss?es preliminares sob o enfoque do behaviorismo radical

DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932008000100010

Keywords: organizational psychology, personnel selection, radical behaviorism, interview.

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the goal of personnel selection is to introduce in the organization the applicant that best suits its needs. there is a lack of radical behaviorism literature concerning this subject, resulting in need of research intended to guide attitudes compliant with this theory. this paper discusses the selection methods according to the conceptual prepositions of radical behaviorism. existing selection methods are analyzed and discussed in terms of increased control of variables present in the selection, in order to proceed to the applicant?s behavioral repertory identification. a job analysis based on behaviorist concepts is proposed. the paper also discusses the possibility of conducting selection interview focused on behavior, as well as the use of simulation techniques that allow behavioral repertory identification. it concludes that theoretical discussions and operational instruments are necessary to the development of a psychological practice in accordance with a behaviorism model of personnel selection.


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