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Teorias implícitas sobre o ensino e a aprendizagem

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-85572011000200011

Keywords: teaching, learning, teaching representations.

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our study focuses on implicit teachers' theories about teaching and learning. one assumes the optics of the implicit theories: the direct one (the knowledge is a faithful copy of the perceived reality); the interpretive one (knowledge as personal building). 468 teachers (infant education, basic education and middle class teaching) answered to the questionnaire concerning dilemmas about pedagogic situations. the result of the study indicates that 50,9% of teachers have selected constructivist answers for the presented dilemmas, 35% interpretative answers and 13,5% direct answers. the attained data points out the need of new studies focusing on the representations of the group of teachers who have not selected constructivist answers (49,1%) and the relations among such representations and their teaching practices.


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