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Forma??o ética para a cidadania: reorganizando contingências na intera??o professor-aluno

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-85572011000200004

Keywords: citizenship, public policies, social skills.

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in this work we argue that teachers are important and relevant standards that may influence on their students behavior. in this sense, we evaluate a teaching program, developed with elementary school teachers. we observe the purchase by students of important fundamental repertoire to the development of interpersonal relation according to the citizenship practice. the program was made by a presenting skilful social behavior such as, praising, giving positive feedback, asking a behavior's change that aimed to teach teachers how to apply the desired skills on affective social work., according to pro-ethical and pro-social behaviou with their students. the students' procedures were verified before and after the intervention's stage. the results suggest that the interaction with teachers were effective on the childen's pro-ethics repertoire.


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