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A rela??o teoria e prática na psicologia da educa??o: implica??es na forma??o do educador

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-85572010000200016

Keywords: educational psychology, learning, teacher training.

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this work aims to discuss the relation between theory and practice in the field of educational psychology and its implications for the teacher's formation, by the analysis of the papers presented in the anped annual meetings (especially in the working group educational psychology - gt20). the study involved the reading of 'ordered works', communications and posters presented at the annual meetings of anped, in the period between 1998 and 2010. the studies presented in this last decade are indicative of that we have an application of psychology in school that basically is fed by the learning psychology. studies on subjectivity, identity and subject constitution indicate a concern with the human being (constitution of subjectivity), but still with a too much psychological approach. it seems that we have not yet overcome the difficulty of thinking this subjectivity in terms of wider contexts. and, what prevail in these studies are theoretical approaches of developmental psychology. another block of studies supported mainly in incorporating contributions from social psychology are indicators of a possibility to look/think about school. however, the limitation here is still of more conceptual order. i.e. the dichotomy remains. finally, we identified a line that should or could be an epistemological critique of all these constructions; but that is still very much stuck to approaches; it could have started from a more contextualized vision, surpassing the debate that is focused on approaches. we believe that we have to think about the psychology beyond the territory of authors or areas (like the psychology of learning, of development). maybe our movement would need to be redirected, bringing psychology's contributions to a broader view, inclusive about school (able to comprehend the school and his actors in all its complex dimensions). school is not only a space of learning, or of development, or of teacher training.


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