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Homo sapiens, Homo demens e Homo degradandis: a psiquê humana e a crise ambiental

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822012000100006

Keywords: sustainable development, alienation, sociopathy, society of consumption, simulacrum.

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this article discusses the environmental crisis through a dialogue between psychoanalysis, philosophy and the social sciences. it intends to introduce a common axis to the understanding of the relations between psyche and nature in a reflective text about human nature, its complexities and sociopathologies. the environmental crisis in which we are imbedded is approached through the followed propositions: (i) humanity has broken its links with its natural condition; (ii) humanity may be psychologically ill; (iii) humanity is not morally able to delegate the overcoming of the environmental crisis to the new generations because we live in a simulacrum associated with consumerism and alienation. we conclude that there is a subjective root in the environmental crisis, the analysis of which depends on finding the adequate answers to the civilization impasse that we currently face.


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