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Sobre la pertinencia de las categorías culturales en la elaboración de las Representaciones de los Nuevos Movimientos Sociales

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822007000300012

Keywords: social representations, anti-globalization movement, multivariated methods.

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this paper presents a study of the social representations on the anti-globalization movement (agm) elaborated from a sample of spanish workers. a method of free association of words as stimuli and an image of movement survey (that takes the form of a semantic differential) were used for the analysis of these representations. the results obtained by free association of words were analyzed by multivariated methods (hierarchical cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling and correspondences analysis). the results on the image survey were summarized in seven principal factors. the averages of these factors were compared according to the criterion of political self-categorization. the principal effect observed was a rejection, from a part of the subjects of the sample, in using the cultural categories that in other studies appeared as the most pertinent fo the elaboration of social representations about the anti-globalization movement (amg).


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