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Identidade e trabalho na conteporaneidade: repensando articula??es possíveis

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822007000400006

Keywords: contemporaneousness, work, identity, identification.

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the changes in contemporary society have been analyzed by several disciplines in the human sciences field, trying to understand its implications to the subjects e their social relations. in this context, theoretical categories have been put in question. here we present some possible theoretical articulations between the concepts of identity and work, considering the contemporary social scenery. identity is discussed from different social theories and the articulation with the concept of identification in psychoanalysis, emphasizing the dimension of its process. work in the contemporary capitalism system accepts configurations as flexibility, temporality, precariousness, informality, producing alterations that are expressed in the workers' ways of being. our reflections about the contemporary productive context make us affirm that, despite the hardships, the building of identity processes in the subjects still has a place. certainly they are transitory and ephemeral positions of subject, but it's not possible to deny the coherence and the continuance in each person's life history.


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