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Produ??o  2005 

Um modelo de condu??o do processo de outsourcing e um estudo de caso na indústria de processamento químico

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65132005000200011

Keywords: outsourcing, supply chain, phenolic resin.

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studies related to the outsourcing process in several important non-leading industries worldwide and also regarding the existence of practical models and frameworks to guide the entire process and not only the decision-making stage are rare to find. in this context, this article presents a practical model to guide the whole outsourcing process, divided into four main stages (motivation, decision, implementation and management). it was successfully applied in a case involving two multinational companies operating in brazil, in a supply chain of the phenolic resin industry. the results highlighted mainly the adequacy of the proposed model, as well as the importance of constructing a partnership based on trust and integration by information technology.


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