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Sobre procesos de autogestión y recolectivización laboral en la Argentina actual

DOI: 10.4067/S0718-65682009000300011

Keywords: argentina, working self-management, companies recovered by its workers, recollectivization.

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this paper presents a characterization of the process of working self-management that occurred in argentina from 1990 to 2006, focusing specially on ?companies recovered by workers?. the analysis employs a number of analytical dimensions that examine this process with reference to previous self-management experiences. we argue that these experiences can be studied as working re-collectivization processes, whose beginning and development is situated in scenarios in which deep processes of social, economic and political un-collectivization are occurring. these aforementioned dimensions related to the process of re-collectivization assume the exposition of arguments around the following interpretative elements: the reconstruction of a collective working space and experience, which recovered part of the wage-earning history of workers; the reconfiguration of sociability links inside the productive space; and the relation with social and union organizations which represent the interests of the workers of the recovered companies.


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