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Controle químico da lagarta-enroladeira (Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick) na cultura da macieira

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2000001100003

Keywords: insecta, pheromone traps, insect control, insecticides, application methods.

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apple leafroller, bonagota cranaodes meyrick (lepidoptera: tortricidae), is one of the major apple pests in southern brazil. laboratory and field experiments were conducted with chlorpyriphos-ethyl (lorsban 480 ce - 72 g of a.i./100 l), methidathion (supracid 400 - 60 g of a.i./100 l), phosmet (imidan 50 pm - 100 g of a.i./100 l), trichlorphon (dipterex 500 - 150 g of a.i./100 l), tebufenozide (mimic 240 sc - 21.6 g of a.i./100 l), fenitrothion (sumithion 500 ce - 75 g of a.i./100 l) and carbaryl (sevin 850 pm - 153 g of a.i./100 l) to control the pest in apple orchards. in laboratory, all insecticides caused 100% of mortality on first-instars larvae while fourth and fifth instar larvae were satisfactorily controlled only using chlorpyriphos-ethyl, tebufenozide and trichlorphon. chlorpyriphos-ethyl application after peaks of b. cranaodes males capture in pheromone traps resulted in less than 1% of fruit damage at harvest, while tebufenozide resulted in 4.6% compared to 9.8% in a non-treated area.


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