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Enteroparasitosis en poblaciones indígenas y mestizas de la Sierra de Nayarit, México

DOI: 10.4067/S0717-77122003000100005

Keywords: enteroparasitoses, helmintiosis, protozoosis, survey, mexico.

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we compared the prevalences of enteroparasitoses from 420 individuals, 306 of them were indigenous and 114 were mestizo persons, without gender differentiation, and of all ages from the nayarit mountain range. six field trips were made to the region during one year to collect the stool samples, some individuals provided only one sample and other even five. stool samples were suspended 1:5 with 10% formalin for their transportation to mexico city, where they were processed by direct parasitoscopic analysis with lugol solution we found entamoeba histolytica, 59.8%; giardia lamblia, 22.2%; enterobius vermicularis, 22.2%; hymenolepis nana, 15.4%; 2 cases of taeniosis (0.7%), 21 of ascariosis (6.9%), 2 of strongyloidosis (0.7%) and 7 of trichuriosis (2.3%) among the huichol population. for the mestizo population, we found 43.9% of entamoebosis, 14.0% giardiosis, 9.6% hymenolepiosis, 5 cases of ascariosis, 2 of taeniosis, 1 of strongyloidosis and 1 of enterobiosis. chi-square test revealed statistically significant differences between the two populations for some of the calculated prevalences


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