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Contribui??o para o estudo dos Rhinotragini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae): IV. Rhopalessa bates, 1873

DOI: 10.1590/S0031-10492011002100001

Keywords: cerambycinae, new species, revision, synonymy, taxonomy.

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the genus rhopalessa is revised and divided into two groups: the clavicornis-group with r. clavicornis (bates, 1873), r. demissa (melzer, 1934), r. hirticollis (zajciw, 1958), r. moraguesi (tavakilian & pe?aherrera-leiva, 2003), r. pilosicollis (zajciw, 1966) and r. subandina sp. nov.; and the rubroscutellaris-group with r. durantoni (pe?aherrera-leiva & tavakilian, 2004) and r. rubroscutellaris (tippmann, 1960). two species were synonymyzed with r. clavicornis: ommata (rhopalessa) nigrotarsis fisher, 1937 and ommata (rhopalessa) nigricollis zajciw, 1969.


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