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Cuyo  2008 

La cuestión del método para un "pensamiento latinoamericano" en Arturo Roig

Keywords: language, mediation, methodological amplification, discursive universe, episodical history.

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this article presents an overview of several readings. some of arturo roig's writings have been selected with the aim of answering questions related to the hermeneutical and methodological tools proper to the author in his work as philosopher and historian of ideas. if roig's position facing the analysis of discourse, his studies and his criticism of structuralism has been determined in this article, it is simply to understand a methodology that does not end with the formal analysis of discourses but that rather considers the historical settings of such discourses. the approach also allows for an identification and interrogation of the relationship between language and subject, discourse and ideology, and historicity in latin american thought, through an episodical history, the antipodes of an idea of continuity and lineal course. this makes it possible to understand the bond with an anthropology of the emergency, whose final character is to place itself as valuable.


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