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Cuyo  2008 

Boedo y Florida en las páginas de Los Pensadores

Keywords: controversy, boedo-florida, los pensadores.

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between 1924 and 1930 there was in argentina a literary-political controversy centered around the journals martin fierro, on the one hand, and los pensadores and claridad on the other, concerning the aim of literature and its role in society, aspects that illustrate different standings facing the reality, literature as a task, and the literary piece as communication and the conveyor of meaning. the two opposing groups tried to legitimize their objectives in response to canonicity: florida attacked the modernist and realistic models and the romantic residues, whereas boedo tried to enlarge the notion of literary public. however, the dispute caused more legends than advances. in this paper we are concerned with the analysis of such a controversy as an expression of the time, from the perspective of the history of ideas and pivoting around los pensadores.


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