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Cuyo  2011 

Francisco Valsecchi y las peripecias de una axiología económica católica en la Argentina del siglo XX

Keywords: economic thought, catholicism, axiology.

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the intellectual trajectory of francisco valsecchi (1907-1992) in the history of catholic economic ideas shows the theoretical turns of an axiology derived from the social doctrine of the church. both the historical circumstances of a catholic economic thought in argentina and the social, economic, and political changes of the 1930-1970 period had an impact on the conceptual trends of this apparently perennial axiology. to explain the changes in the economic perspectives the main stages of his theoretical positions are studied, emphasizing the three key moments of catholic economy. at the same time the article shows the theoretical path followed by catholic economists from their original proposal of a political economy towards a view orientated to the construction of an axiology of business practices. valsecchi's intellectual trajectory reveals the passage from a critical perspective of economy prevailing in the 1930's to an antipopulist point of view strongly related to the proprietor class in the 1970's.


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