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Lo rioplatense en cuestión: el semanario Marcha y la integración (1955-1959)

Keywords: río de la plata, marcha, peronism, intellectuals, integration.

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the importance of the "argentine events" for the weekly march, and especially to the country they hailed from, uruguay, has been sufficiently recognized (vior, 2003; rocca, 2006). here i am interested in stopping, in a first move in what the end of peronism have opened for some contributors of the publication. that is, the recovery of relations between argentina and uruguay as well as among intellectuals, especially regarding to the possibilities of regional economic integration first and then american. clearly, what he opened was a paradox defined around what i call here the "question rioplatense": the idea that the peronism fall would allow recover a historical links with argentina at the same time served as principal distinction between the cultural characterizations between both countries, especially among intellectuals. in a second move, i'm interested to check if march can be thought as part of the circuit of publications contributed to the reshaping of argentine intellectual field after the liberating revolution.


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