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El patrimonio arqueológico frente a las obras de trazado lineal: Caso gasoducto y CTCC Salta Termoandes S.A. (Cobos, Gral. Guemes, Salta)

Keywords: patrimony, gaspipelines.

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in the process of the construction of the salta termoandes thermoelectrical power station s.a. and its feeding gas pipe, we participate in one of the instances of the environmental impact studies and in an archaeological rescue. as a consequence of this experience, we present the results obtained, which include methodological aspects and the interpretation of the archaeological record localized and rescued. we, as professionals, should cover the necessities of the management of our archaeological heritage. in this direction, we should make an effort to adequate theory, methodology and technology in the solution of practical problems involved in all the stages of the e.i.s. we suggest the formation, in an academic level, of specialists who could develop both basic research and managment of archaeological resources.


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