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Tránsito y paisaje en la puna de Jujuy durante los desarrollos regionales: una aproximación iconográfica

Keywords: landscape's archaeology, hallucinogenic complex, iconography, jujuy puna region, semiotic, transit.

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this work sets out to accede to the knowledge of the landscape of the puna de jujuy's northern sector during the desarrollos regionales' period, through the iconographyc's analysis of the objects of the hallucinogenic complex. understanding the archaeological register, like the socio-cultural product of past towns, framed in a landscape that contains and means it, the study of the material culture was made from the proposals of the archaeology of the landscape. we worked on the transit concept, examining the relation which the archaeological objects keep with the movement, that somehow it reflects an interrelation with its immediate surroundings. it was come to the analysis of the materials, from the iconography's method and from a semiotic's perspective; later, the materials were related to their regional surroundings: sites of the quebrada de humahuaca and the north of chile. an interesting iconographyc's correlation was observed, that put in evidence the capacity which certain images had to journey puna and to move between both slopes of the andes; this allowed to bring data to the discussion on the movement of material goods and ideas, during the desarrollos regionales' period.


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