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Más allá del "paisaje": El espacio de la Puna y quebrada de Jujuy: ?comensal, anfitrión, interlocutor?

Keywords: landscape, otherness, potent personajes (healers), mutual devouring.

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this essay approaches the notion of andean space from a critical perspective towards "landscape", seen as a historical construction of modernity that reconfigured andean space as an "object" now confronted by a "subjectum" (subject), as proposed by descartes in the 17th century. this reflection seeks to reconsider andean space from the perception of the local inhabitants of jujuy's quebrada and puna, and from the implicit representations in their accounts and in andean rituals. it examines representations of space as both "otherness" and as a living space that appeals to the subject in a radical way, an otherness that is not experienced as "landscape" but rather as an intense "experience" that overpowers both human actions and capacities. this interpellation has diverse modalities. here we seek to define these modalities on the basis of accounts which appeal to health or illness, which seem to approach the sense of "place", the objects and actions that affect the subject and force the intervention of potent personages (healers) who can release material and spiritual processes that avert this unstabilising otherness. finally, the essay perceives a correlation of mutual devouring between human beings and space, in a spatial representation of the political "other", in the wide sense of this term.


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