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Nuevos avances en las prospecciones arqueológicas en la Quebrada de los Cardones

Keywords: complexity, organization the space, archaeology landscape, prospections, site.

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in this paper to be inform over the result of archaeology prospections realizated at the "los cardones" ravine, located in the east of yocavil valley, in the tucuman province. to be prospections sites belonging at the stage of the regional developments. was effect surveys architectonics and planoaltimetric of the totality structures of one site the residential use, called los cardones, to be find summoned in the slopes and top of one hill, located in the left bank of amaicha river. were prospections the extensive cones footmountains until the low sectors near in the right bank of amaicha river, and to be documentated the structures, agricultural basicament, that ocupated different places on landscape. the abundant information collected permit to infer the articulation and organization the spase in the ravine, elaborated hypothesis over the differential utilization the distintc bounds in the zone of study. the model proposals classify the tipes of the structures, yours functionality possibles, the characteristic of the lanscape in that to be encounter seateds and your relations with the resources.


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