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Compara??o entre o efeito do resíduo do abacaxizeiro (caules e folhas) e da pectina cítrica de alta metoxila??o no nível de colesterol sangüíneo em ratos

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612003000200008

Keywords: residue, pineapple tree, citric pectin, cholesterol, rat.

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the present work aimed to investigate the effect of pineapple residue on total cholesterol levels, hdl-cholesterol and ldl- cholesterol of rats in comparison with the citric pectin, and to verify the rats behavior in relation to the food intake and weight gain at 15, 30 e 45 days. residue diets provided higher food consumption when compared to the pectin diets. the highest weight gains was observed for the following control-diets and 10% of residue at 15 and 30 days, and at 45 days only for control-diet. residue provided intermediate weight gains and the pectin the smallest weight gain. pectin treatments were more effective in the reduction of the total cholesterol; however, at 15 days, the diets with 10% and 15% of residue, at 30 days the diet with 10% of residue, and all the residue diets at 45 days. plasmatic concentration of the hdl-cholesterol was increased in almost all the diets, except for the diet with 25% of pectin, which reduced this level at 15 days, and at 30 days maintained it equal to that of control diet. residue diets provided both reduction and maintenance of hdl-cholesterol levels at 45 days when compared to the control-diet. o ldl-cholesterol was reduced in all treatments, principally to the pectin diets.


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