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Effect of Leuconostoc mesenteroides 11 bacteriocin in the multiplication control of Listeria monocytogenes 4b

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612006000100009

Keywords: listeria monocytogenes, leuconostoc mesenteroides, bacteriocin, lactic acid bacteria.

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the activity of a crude preparation of bacteriocin produced by the chicken meat isolate leuconostoc mesenteroides 11, was evaluated at 8oc and 15oc against listeria monocytogenes. the pathogen was inoculated in a crude preparation of the bacteriocin and its population was enumerated after 0.5 and 10 days. the title of the bacteriocin in the preparation was determined immediately before inoculation and after 10 days of incubation at both temperatures. as a negative control, a non-bacteriocin producing strain, leuconostoc mesenteroides a13, was used. bacteriocin of l. mesenteroides 11 partially inhibited l. monocytogenes at 8oc, but at 15oc it was unable to prevent growth of the pathogen. our findings suggest that the use of the semi-purified bacteriocin of l. mesenteroides 11 probably will not be suitable as a single hurdle to prevent l. monocytogenes growth in foods.


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