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Parametros físicos e sensoriais de qualidade da carne de cabritos mesti?os de diferentes grupos genéticos

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612007000200004

Keywords: goat meat, color, juiciness, tenderness, shearing force.

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this work evaluated the quality of the meat from srd (undesined breed) kid goats crossbred with two different genetic groups, anglo nubiana (a) and boer (b). seven animals srd (control) were used, 07 1/2 a x 1/2 srd, 07 3/4 a x 1/4 srd, 07 1/2 b x 1/2 srd, 07 3/4 b x 1/4 srd. the studied patterns were ph (pho - 30 minutes and phf-24 hours), color (l*, a*,b*), capacity of retaining water (cra), weight loss during cooking, resistance to shearing (fc), succulence, hardness and flavor. the ph 30 minutes was 6.92 for srd, differing significantly from b (6.8 for 1/2 b and 6.84 for 3/4 b). the ph 24 hours was 5.64 for srd, 5.42 for 1/2 a, 5,77 for 3/4 a, 5.59 for 1/2 b and 5.55 for 3/4 b. samples 1/2 b and 3/4 b showed different values for l* but showed no difference for a* and b*. the meat of crossbred animals retained more water than the control, showing lesser ppc and shearing force, which was perceived by the judges as higher juiciness and lower hardness. these samples also presented lower goat flavor. in general these effects were more evident for meat from animals with higher cross-breeding level. the boer crossbred group showed meat with better quality than the anglo nubiana group.


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