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Conserva??o do a?aí pela tecnologia de obstáculos

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612004000100021

Keywords: assai, hurdle technology, preservation.

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the study of preservation process of the assai pulp through the application of hurdle technology was done by the application of the following preservation factors: reduction of ph at about 3.5 by the addition of 0.5% w/w of citric acid, thermal treatment (82.5°c for 1 min), reduction of the water activity by the addition of sucrose (10, 25 and 40% w/w) and addition of potassium sorbate (0.075 and 0.15% w/w). a full factorial experimental design was used in the elaboration of the formulations of the product, that were stored at 25°c in the absence of light for 5 months. the formulations 1, 2 and 8 were discarded sensorially before 3 months storage. besides, the formulations 2 (40%w/w of sucrose), 4 (40%w/w of sucrose and 0.15%w/w of potassium sorbate) and 5 (25%w/w of sucrose and 0.075%w/w of potassium sorbate) showed a good overall acceptability shelf-life time of 5 months.


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