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Cassava starch in the Brazilian food industry

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612011000200017

Keywords: modified starches, sour cassava starch, manihot esculenta, thickener, gelatinization.

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cassava starch is a valued raw material for producing many kinds of modified starches for food applications. its physicochemical properties, as well as its availability, have made it an interesting and challenging ingredient for the food industry. in the present work, food grade modified cassava starches were purchased from producers and analyzed for selected physicochemical characteristics. samples of sour cassava starch were included, as well as one sample of native cassava starch. results showed that almost all modified starches were resistant to syneresis, produced pastes more stable to stirred cooking, and some of them were difficult to cook. the sour cassava starches presented high acidity and resulted in clear and unstable pastes during stirred cooking, susceptible to syneresis.


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