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Metodologias de inocula??o de Rhizoctonia solani na cultura da cenoura

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542008000300044

Keywords: daucus carota, inoculum, epidemiology.

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rhizoctonia solani may cause different diseases in carrot (daucus carota l.). to test control methods, artificial inoculation is generally employed. this work aimed to adjust a methodology to inoculate r. solani (ag-4) in carrot. a randomized block outline with five replicates was used, with an experimental unit of a 3l-pot with 40 seeds and a substact composed by a mixture of soil/sand (3:1 v/v). treatments were those in a factorial experiment 4 x 3, with 4 inoculum densities (9; 18; 36; 72 mg of of soil) and three forms of artificial infestation (incorporated to the substract as a whole; incorporated on the surface; with direct contact with seeds) and an additional control. the experiment was carried out in a growth chamber at 200c and a 12h photoperiod. the evaluations were daily performed from the 8th to the 30th day after sowing, recording plant stand and number of seedlings with damping-off. the emergence index, averge percentage of pre and post emergence. were analyzed the density of 72 mg of inoculum·kg-1 of soil, incorporated on the surface of the susbtract was the most efficient inoculation method.


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