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Efeito do tipo de substrato e da presen?a de aduba??o suplementar sobre o crescimento vegetativo, nutri??o mineral, custo de produ??o e intensidade de cercosporiose em mudas de cafeeiro formadas em tubetes

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542007000300013

Keywords: nutrition and disease, culture coffee, cercospora coffeicola, fertilization, seedlings production, substrate.

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the utilization of stiff plastic containers for producing coffee seedlings (coffea arabica l.) is a reality. aiming to evaluate the effects of substrate type enriched or not with slow-release fertilizer on vegetative growth, mineral nutrition, production cost and, brown eye spot of coffee seedlings, an experiment was conducted in the plant nursery. the experimental design was a factorial scheme with four substrates in the presence and absence of supplementary fertilization, with four replicates. the plots were made of 16 containers of 120 ml, using six central plants for evaluation. the treatments consisted of s1 = commercial substrate i, s2 = commercial substrate ii, s3 = eucalyptus substrate and s4 = 80% bovine manure + 20% subsoil material with and without fertilization. in general, the best substrates for formation of coffee seedlings were not commercial substrates or organic, regardless of fertilization. the brown eye spot was reduced with balanced nutrition, mainly with calcium. all substrates provide economic return. the largest economy was found in substrate s4, followed by s3, showing the highest coast/benefit rate.


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