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Marketing da informa??o: abordagem inovadora para entender o mercado e o negócio da informa??o

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652011000100007

Keywords: information marketing, information unit, information market, information business, information offer, information supply.

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the objective of this paper is to present marketing information as an innovative approach referring to information and knowledge management in information units by understand the information market and business in the area of the maintaining organization performance either in profit or non-profit sectors. on account of the new themes and change of paradigms, information marketing reflects both the unstable nature of information services and the theoretical and practical perspective of marketing, mainly after internet and web came up. the conclusion is that it is important to analyze, research and develop studies about marketing in the area of information science in order to bring forth the benefits of precise terms concerning marketing in this area of knowledge and to underline the role performed by the units and professionals of information as social agents for contributing to the development of society.


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