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Uma interpreta??o do impacto da intranet sobre a vida no trabalho

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652009000200009

Keywords: intranet, structuralism, semiology, information technology, organizations.

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in the last decade, the systems of communication known as intranet have been established as a standard in most organizations. even the smaller government companies and agencies make use of these systems. programs for building intranets can be easily found and purchased at a reasonable price. in this text, analytical tools of structuralist semiology were used for interpreting the effects of intranet on the worker and his life at work. evidently, intranet is presented as inclusive, wide, free and participative, enclosing a segregative structure, the determinant elements of which are acquiescence, subordination, narrowing of perspectives and reclusion of worker in an intellectual and emotionally restricted world.


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