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Rela??es mútuas entre informa??o e conhecimento: o mesmo conceito?

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652010000200006

Keywords: information, knowledge, information science, epistemology, scientific paradigm.

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the proximity between information and knowledge concepts causes conceptual disorder in information science studies. on the other hand, the establishment of a scientific discipline depends of the conceptual clarity about its study object. in view of this, the proposal hypothesis demonstrates the necessity to map the conceptual relations between information (area study object) and knowledge, aiming to show the distinction of these, to be used with less ambiguity by researchers. thus, it discusses, first, the information science concepts and its study object, under three paradigms proposed by capurro, following: physical, social and cognoscente, finally, some relations conceptual between information and knowledge and their consequences - there are similarity relations between them, but that does not mean that they become identical. previous definitions of such terms may have found these relationships, however, rarely the subject was dealt with off and carefully, in the justification false of that debate is purely theoretical and do not lead to any useful result.


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