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Caracteriza??o da diversidade genética entre acessos crioulos de feij?o (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) coletados em Santa Catarina por marcadores RAPD

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000600005

Keywords: phaseolus vulgaris l., germplasm, rapd, dissimilarity.

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the knowledge of the genetic diversity through the divergence among the genotypes allows the organization of the germplasm, sampling and efficient utilization in breeding programs. the objective of this study was to analyze the dissimilarity among germplasm collected in santa catarina state, stored in udesc germplasm active bank of common bean, and of three cultivars ('pérola', 'scs 202-guará' e 'brs valente'), using rapd markers. 21 decamer-primers that allowed the visualization of 96 bands were used, and 41 (42.7%) presented polymorphism among the studied accesses, resulting in a band range of 650 to 2000pb. the dissimilarity was calculated using the sorensen-dice coefficient and the grouping analyses were derived from upgma. the accesses were separated in two main groups, with wide dissimilarity when compared with the divergence inside each group. these two groups indicate the possible center of domestication, middle-american or andean, of the accesses in this study. the dissimilarity among the cultivars evaluated ('scs 202-guará', 'brs valente' e 'pérola') was small (0.15), if compared with the divergence among the accesses of the germplasm bank (0.65). the smaller dissimilarity among the studied accesses (baf63 and baf04) was 0.02. the results reinforce the need of new collection expeditions, which will increase the representation of the genetic variability of the remaining bean landraces in santa catarina state.


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