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Ceramica  2009 

Post mortem analysis of burned magnesia-chromite brick used in short rotary furnace of secondary lead smelting

DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132009000100008

Keywords: short rotary furnace of secondary lead smelting, post mortem analysis, used sintered magnesia-chromite brick.

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burned magnesia-chromite bricks are the standard product for the lining of furnaces in lead industry, where the short service life is a great problem. used sintered magnesia-chromite brick sample from short rotary furnace lining, sent by a secondary lead manufacturer, showed parallel cracks to the hot face due to structural spalling damage. the refractory infiltrated region and slag interface were analyzed using a scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive spectroscopy analyzer, and x-ray diffraction powder analysis. crucible corrosion test was performed to evaluate the influence of slag attack. the results showed that the structural spalling was due to strong pb-infiltration of the refractory microstructure by bath components of the furnace (metallic lead and lead sulphite) during the reduction process and that the slag infiltration had little contribution due to the good resistance of the magnesia-chromite bricks to feo rich slag attack.


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