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Ceramica  2012 

Viscosidade cinemática de pastas cimentícias com incorporadores de ar avaliadas em diferentes temperaturas

DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132012000100010

Keywords: rheology, cement paste, air incorporation, temperature, kinematic viscosity.

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air-entrained admixtures (aea) makes the cementitious pastes very sensitive to the mix process, environmental conditions and, consequently modifies the final properties. many studies have been found in literature evaluating the aea effect on the material properties, mainly in the hardened state. however, the temperature effect in the air incorporation and rheological properties have been less investigated, and this has been the objective of our work. the properties of cementitious pastes formulated with cpiie or cpiif and different air-entrained admixtures were evaluated in distinct temperatures. furthermore, the concept of kinematic viscosity was used in the analysis of the results to compensate the differences in the inertia of cement pastes with different densities. the results shown that the cement type, the additive presence and the temperature significantly affects the air incorporation and the rheological properties.


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