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Ceramica  2011 

A influência do tipo de cimento no desempenho de concretos avan?ados formulados a partir do método de dosagem computacional

DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132011000100002

Keywords: high performance concrete, cement, rheological property, mechanical resistance.

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when a concrete is produced, especially a high performance one, the first concern is the cement type to be used, making this binder an essential compound. the rheological properties of high performance concretes are related to the hydration of cement aluminates phase, whereas the development of mechanical strength depends on the hydrated silicates formed. thus, variations on cement characteristics influence the properties of a concrete, being observed different behaviors for mixtures produced with distinct cements. the present paper aims to evaluate the influence of cement type on the performance of special concretes designed using computing techniques. the fresh properties were evaluated measuring the fluidity index and the rheological behavior of the material. in the hardened condition, the mechanical strength were evaluated by the compressive, splitting tensile and 3 point bending tests, whereas the young's modulus was measured by the static and dynamic methods. by comparing all the measured properties, the concretes produced with portland cement showed better performance than that containing calcium aluminate cement, being the high early strength portland cement more efficient than the slag-modified portland cement for the production of high performance mixtures and until the age of 28 days.


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