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Caderno CRH  2008 

Sobre o "político": com Schmitt e apesar de Schmitt

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792008000300002

Keywords: politics, political, post liberalism, carl schmitt, resistances.

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a standard observation in the literature is that schmitt's take on the political wavers between nostalgia for the strong state of the westphalian era and a lucid depiction of the new statal and non-statal political scene. what is less obvious is that tensions like this don't close off more interesting possibilities in his work. to find them one must be prepared to think with and despite schmitt, either navigating through his theory of the political without endorsing all the consequences he draws from it or taking his reflection in directions he did not foresee or wish to go. i will look at some of the tensions - the nature of the link between war and politics, the status of enemies, the moral claim about the goodness of order - and use his distinction between politics and the political - perhaps his most original insight - to develop the theme of the double inscription of the political.


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