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The drying of sewage sludge by immersion frying

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-66322005000200015

Keywords: sewage sludge, drying, frying, calorific value.

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the objective of this work was to dry sewage sludge using a fry-drying process. the frying experiments were carried out in commercial fryers modified by adding thermocouples to the setup. during frying, typical drying curves were obtained and it was verified that, in relation to the parameters: oil temperature, oil type and shape of the sample, the shape factor the most effect on the drying rate, at least within the range chosen for the variables studied. oil uptake and calorific value were also analyzed. the calorific value of the samples increased with frying time, reaching values around 24mj/kg after 600s of frying (comparable to biocombustibles such as wood and sugarcane bagasse). the process of immersion frying showed great potential for drying materials, especially sewage sludge, obtaining a product with a high energy content, thereby increasing its value as a combustible.


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