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Bragantia  1971 

Novas variedades de piment?o resistentes ao mosaico causado por virus Y

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051971000200001

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breeding work carried out by the writer in the past led to the development of two new sweet pepper varieties, agron?mico 7 (california wonder type) and agron?mico 8 (conical fruit), incorporating the high level of resistance to strains of potato y virus from p 11 (p.i. 264281). the occurrence of a potato y virus strain (atibaia - yat) that infected these new pepper types and the fact that their fruit was considered as below the desirable market size led author to continue their improvement. further breeding work either the two varieties was carried out, as follows: (1) agron?mico 7 was crossed with a california pepper type that has been called modest?o; selection made in advanced generations of this cross resulted in a sweet pepper type with the blocky type of fruit that combines other favorable characteristics of both parents, and has been designated as agron?mico 9; (2) a selection of agron?mico 8, resistant to the yat strain, was crossed, with ikeda, a variety that is tolerant to the virus and has larger fruit than the other parent. selection in advanced generations of this cross led to agron?mico 10, that has conical fruit of a size comparable to that of ikeda, and the very high level of resistance to potato y virus of p 11. agron?mico 9 and 10 are being tested on a large scale at present and scheduled to be released in the future.


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